1. E

    Removal of nitrates with nitrate specific resin decreased alkalinity and lowered PH?

    Hey all, Our well water was acidic with high nitrates so I installed an acid neutralizer, and water softener with a mix of softener resin and nitrate specific removal resin. In this order; pressure tank -> 3 stage big blue filters --> acid neutralizer --> water softener (mix of softener resin...
  2. D

    Help with low water pressure/flow

    Hey Everyone, I have recently installed a water softener with pre filters and post filters. My setup is 5gpm well with pressure tank 40/60 system, 50 micron spin down filter, 25 micron - 4.5 x 20", water softener, 5 micron - 4.5 x 10", and 9gpm UV light. The issue I am having is I can't get any...
  3. T

    Question about new AO Smith Gas Hot Water Heater

    Hi everyone, quick question. I installed my new AO Smith Gas Water Heater and it comes with these blue heat trap/nipples on both the hot and cold side. Since i installed the new tank, my water pressure has almost been cut in half. Could i simply removing the plastic blue things by just yanking...
  4. rugoofy

    Water on bathroom floor.

    After taking a shower my bathroom floor is dry but when I go back in there 1-2 hours later there are puddles of water on the floor. Any suggestions as to what could cause this? This only happens after taking a shower. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!
  5. Larrytove

    Need well treatment advice (test results & equip details included)

    Hello all, Long time lurker, first time poster. We have a well system that will be our primary water source once we get the water treated (house already had well and municipal source installed with an air-gapped bypass so for now we are on municipal). The water has dissolved iron (clear at...
  6. Paiksl

    Are these water leaks from thermal imaging?

    Hey All!! So recently getting ready to buy a new house. Looked through it and saw these images through thermal readings Wondering if these are indicative of a water leak somewhere. Thanks!
  7. Kam?

    Brasscraft compression valve spontaneous leak

    We installed Brasscraft compression valves for sinks and toilets in new house. All worked well. Months later, different valves have spontaneously begun to leak. This has happened to different valves at different locations in house. Each leaked on different days, sometimes months apart. There was...
  8. Brandon Kelling

    Water Main Using PEX ??

    Any help is appreciated; while working under my house I found that my water in was dripping at the white coupling so I decided to tighten it ....which that fixed the leak. My Question is; what is the valve shown with the red arrow ? is it necessary ? The yellow arrow is pointing at what I...
  9. Lukasny

    Well water issues

    I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my well water and softener. I keep getting those rust spots on my utensils and I cant figure out what is causing it. I have tried few water softener companies and they all have not answers. Also last year I redid my water manifolds and year later...
  10. kurt0123

    Westpoint WHV-0615 Gas water heater : no flame issue

    Hello, Flame will sometimes light up when the whole unit is poked / shaked or when I play around with the spark switch. It will sometimes make that additional sound as if it is triggering something. Then I will open the water and it will work. It seems that only when the trigger sound can be...
  11. Dsperaw

    Looking for pump suggestions for a new well

    We just finished drilling our well and am looking for suggestions on our pump and drop pipe. Specs: 440 ft deep Producing 5gpm Static water is about 250 ft deep About 50 ft from house. House will be off grid Feeds a 5 bedroom house. Energy consumption is a concern. We would also like to run...
  12. Kyle the Donkey

    400' residential water line. What size should I use

    I am going to hook up to the city water line for a small 30' Yurt. My Yurt is 400 feet from the road. I have the option of installing a 1" or 1 1/2" water line with matching tap, meter, etc. I am concerned about the water pressure and volume of water at the Yurt because of the distance. The...
  13. citydweller3033

    Rust on outside of electrical panel

    I got my new water heater today. Terry was a big help in getting me to understand the strange way that my old one was set up. Between the removal of the old unit, and the installation of the new unit, I went into the W.H. closet to clean up the floor and look around. The electrical panel is...
  14. monkey1

    New Tankless gas water heater no flame, how to fix?

    New generic Chinese Ebay Tankless gas water heater no flame. I tried blowing and sucking on the gas inlet with my mouth and manually turn on the micro switch but couldn't blow through. New battery. Good pressure. When I manually open the micro switch, I see the ignition sparks. I also hear the...
  15. monkey1

    Tankless hot water heater related questions

    I am replacing my tankless HWH soon. I have a few questions related to the new unit. 1. My municipality provides 7 CW natural gas pressure for my residential line. If I buy a tankless HWH that is rated for 8 CW, will it run? 2. How often do I REALLY need to descale the tankless HWH with white...
  16. amy123

    Cold water pipe making ticking sound?

    My COLD water pipe is making frequent ticking sounds even when I do not have cold water running. Any ideas on what could be the issue?
  17. Jim Em

    Surging Hot/Cold Electric Tankless Water Heater

    Recently I bought a electric tankless water heater, I have a hot/cold surging problem. PLEASE NOTE: this is an ELECTRIC TANKLESS SYSTEM. The system uses well water. OK, the inner workings of the heater There is no way to set the temperature There is no digital display on the heater It is a...
  18. jnohl

    Help! With Water Softeners

    I am in need of serious help in determining my most cost effective solution for a water softener. Mine went out 5 weeks ago and I have recommendations from three different water suppliers, but I can't reconcile what they are recommending with what I currently have in place. I have very hard...
  19. Armstrongap

    Water hammer at water heater

    I have an electric tank water heater. I can hear what sounds like water hammer in the walls behind it. It occurs anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes apart. Even with no water running and I live alone. This has been happening for about 12-18 months. When I turn off the water going into...
  20. Jay Beth

    Easy Answer: Water Flow?

    I want water to flow in two different directions, all from one source, kind of like a T-type ball valve. However, I don't want to spend excess money on T-type ball valves that have the ability to alter water flow by the handle. Instead, what I would like specifically is a pipe/tube fitting that...
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