1. P

    In search of old Wirsbo or Uponor PEX

    Hi all, I’m looking for Wirsbo or Uponor PEX from the early 2000s. Ideally unused. I’ll gladly buy it off of you if you’re willing to part with it. If you have something that I might be interested in, please post the date code or “UB” code so I can verify how old it is. Thank you all so much...
  2. Joe B

    Uponor zone module shows zone valves on, but not calling for heat

    I am trying to piece together the behavior of my six-zone Navien CH240 hyrdonic system. Heat is radiant floor pex tubing under concrete. Thermostats are Uponor WT 1, one thermostat per zone, wired to a pair of 3-zone Wirsbo zone control modules. I am trying some experiments. Today I have a...
  3. Joe B

    How to properly use / configure Navien hydronic system

    Hi, Should a Navien hydronic heating system turn on and off four to five times an hour? I am living in a place with a Navien CH-240 that drives domestic hot water and an in-floor, six-zone hydronic heating system. The hydronic system uses PEX tubes under a concrete floor. I have only ever had...
  4. Tony1997

    Can't find Aqua PEX anywhere. Alternatives?

    Hello- I'm in the middle renovating my house and I have been trying to get my hands on some 1/2" Uponor PEX A (Aqua PEX) but no one seems to have any in stock. I decided to go with PEX A (Uponor in particular) based on all the good reviews, hoping to avoid future issues. I even purchased the...
  5. Joegambler0

    Professional DIY advice for new built

    Hi everyone, Going to move soon from FL to Costa Rica and build an off grid Quonset hut. Looking for expert opinions on my choices of plumbing supplies that I am taking with me for the plumbing system. I am in maintenance now and want a good, least trouble free and long lasting system. Rinnai...
  6. PHXflood

    Cracks forming next to plastic Uponor fittings

    Has anyone else been seeing Uponor PEX pipes forming small cracks and leaking next to the expansion ring fitting? We seem to be removing more and more of these with no apparent pattern other than the location of the water leak and the plumbing system.
  7. jasontf

    ProPEX / Uponor question on tub spout

    I have read in several locations that you cannot connect a tub spout with a diverter to PEX. The explanation that is usually given is that the inside diameter of PEX+fittings is smaller than copper and it will result in water going up and leaking out of the shower head when the diverter is set...
  8. Russell Harris

    PEX-A in unconditioned crawl space

    Hello, I'm about to start work on the re-piping for a 1952 ranch built on pier and beam in Central Texas. I'll be using PEX-A pipe and expansion fittings/manifolds. The question regards insulation of the PEX piping. In the code for City of Austin, it mentions that supply 'piping' in an...
  9. Billboe

    Uponor hePEX Leaking at Fitting

    Hi All, I'm trying to perform a repair to a hydronic heating system (carpenter put a nail thru a pipe). Pipe is 3/4" Uponor hePEX and has been installed for about 10 years. For the fix, I cut out section of pipe which contained the hole and added new pipe section and two couplers. Now, there...
  10. Giovannip

    Uponor angle stop replacement

    Hey everybody, My name is Giovanni, new here. I'm hoping somebody can help me out with this PEX angle stop replacement, or confirm that I have to open the wall. I have a customer that has 16 angle stops that he would like replaced. His home was repiped 5 years ago. Very hard water in...
  11. JustanotherDIY

    Manabloc and Uponor??? Thoughts!!!

    I'm looking to replumb the old house and really like the Manabloc but I also really like the Uponor connects. Now I know the two are directly incompatable but could you run your manabloc, branch out with your PEX B a length of your desire then transition with a connector to PEX A so that the...
  12. Ro78727

    PEX-B to PEX-A Adapter

    Does anyone have recommendations on the best way to connect PEX-B (uses copper rings) to Uponor PEX-A (expansion fittings)? The house I’m in has the main line using Pex-B and copper ring fittings. I’m splicing into it to install a soft water loop. I have the tools and some experience to...
  13. Cris2017

    ProPEX shower valve instalation

    I have a cpl quick questions: First what are the different options to install a shower valve while using ProPEX Uponor. I can go to the supply lines and up to the shower head with 1/2 PEX line, but I cannot go to the tub spout with 1/2, so if I don't want to solder copper, is there any other...
  14. Terry

    Sharkbite leak on PEX

    Okay. Sometimes it happens. I got a call from a homeowner in a highrise condo that had a repair done by another company and it was still leaking. No. I wasn't this company, but it could have been someone like this. I love this. A plumbing company that is just Okay. Normally you can cut...
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