terry love

  1. Andrea Love Forum MGR

    Terry Love- cancer update

    An update on our dear friend, father, Plumbing Extraordinaire, forum guru, and so much more. Terry in late spring unfortunately was told his colon cancer had returned. After many months of being in and out of the hospital, Terry is at a point where he will close this chapter on life earth side...
  2. Andrea Love Forum MGR

    Terry Love Cancer update

    An update on our dear friend, father, Plumbing Extraordinaire, forum guru, and so much more. Terry in late spring unfortunately was told his colon cancer had returned. After many months of being in and out of the hospital, Terry is at a point where he will close this chapter on life earth side...
  3. Terry

    New profile picture

    I like this new profile picture that my sister Trinda Love took last weekend while I was in Walla Walla Washington for a wedding for my ski buddy nephew Rex Love from Spokane. The wedding was in Milton-Freewater Oregon. I was thinking the profile picture I had there was getting kind of old...
  4. Terry

    Terry Love to sing the National Anthem at the Everett Aquasox game June 5th

    Sunday June 5th at 4:05 PM I will be singing the National Anthem at the Aquasox baseball game in Everett WA. I would love to see family and friends there too. https://www.milb.com/everett/schedule/2022-06
  5. Pietroone

    Self piercing saddle valve brand

    Is there a specific brand of saddle valves that are any better than the others? Need to replace an existing one that leaks when shut off. Unfortunately I don't have the ability to cut the pipe for a better solution. Thanks
  6. Terry

    Oregon Coast bike ride with kids

    Having worked in a bicycle shop for eight years when I was younger, the idea of bike tripping was always a fun idea. One Fall, I took two of my kids on a ride down the Oregon Coast along Highway 101 much of the way. We also left the main highway at times to get closer to the Ocean. In 1984...
  7. Terry

    Discussions on toilets, wherever we find them.

    A few links that may be interesting. https://www.foxnews.com/science/how-green-are-low-flow-toilets https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2010-01-15-1001130945-story.html https://terrylove.com/bottomline/...
  8. Terry

    Why do customers ask me if I need help carrying toilets upstairs?

    Lately I have been having customers ask me if I need help carrying toilets up and down their stairs for the installations. I don't think I've changed a lot, I'm I looking too old and weak to do this now?
  9. Tim Leiter

    Water hammer and pipe noise when pump cuts off

    Tim Leiter New Member Joined: Saturday Location: pennsylvania I'm having a hard time finding the cause of water hammer and pipes shaking when pump cuts off. Pressure in holding tank good at 28 psi. Pulled the pump up to pit less adapter to check if it was holding water, so that check valve is...
  10. Terry

    Master Plumber Mark from Indiana and his Seattle in July visit

    Mark Weilhammer, AKA Master Plumber Mark from Indiana visited with family to the Seattle area this Summer and Pam and I met up with them at Alki Beach in Seattle for lunch and enjoying the Summer weather at the beach. Mark on the left, me on the right with my new Seahawks face mask. Most of...
  11. Terry

    Sauk Mountain with Mark Weilhammer

    Master Plumber Mark, AKA Mark Weilhammer of Indiana came out to the Northwest with his daughter Amy to see some of what we love about our area. A little know hike that I've been doing since I was a child. I figured that a vertical hike up a mountain to 5,500 feet was a good thing to show someone...
  12. Terry

    Toilet Tossing. How I recycle old toilets that customers no longer want.

    Toilet Tossing by Terry Love How I recycle old toilets that customers don't want, and stay in shape. :)
  13. Terry

    Replacing/Installing Moen Renzo kitchen faucet

    The Moen Renzo faucet CA87316 This was a replacement for an older one, let's take a look. The mounting cap can be installed either of two ways. This one was installed this way making it hard to use anything but the supplied Moen wrench. It was solidly on there, and the wrench wasn't having...
  14. Terry

    India ride sharing. No seat belts please!

    Some pictures from my trip to India of ride sharing, seat belts not needed here! I guess it keeps a few cars off the road. Maybe we should try this here. What do you think? Plenty of foot room on this ride. A nice view out the back. Riding on top too? Just room for one more...
  15. John McCartney

    Need help to identify who makes this shower valve.

    Anyone know who makes this shower valve? Thanks in advance, John
  16. Kim Mullins

    Water leaking into basement from shower

    https://www.facebook.com/kim.mullins.7509/videos/pcb.1925584054165075/10216792277221847/?type=3&theater&ifg=1 I posted a video of the leak on Facebook, Picture 1-3 shows the area of the leak. The orange wall is the cinder block exterior wall. Picture 4 shows a larger area from where the tub...
  17. Newhomeowner2018

    HELP! - Toto washlet G400

    Terry, I need your help and I don’t want to ask such embarrassing personal questions but I don’t know where else to turn to? I have a Toto washlet G400 and sometimes the “debris” doesn’t flush off the sides and I can’t just scrub after every use and I certainly don’t want to hand my house...
  18. Terry

    Terry Love Bio: things I do, have done, want to do

    I'm thinking I should put a Bio on here of the things I've done, many of which started me on my journey of providing advice on construction topics. I could say it started with fetching loose nails off construction sites and making tree houses out of what I scavenged. Or making carts with wheels...
  19. Terry

    The Herding Cats Seattle area band, playing great covers.

    The Herding Cats band, a local Seattle band playing everyone's favorite covers. Totally entertaining to watch and to dance to. Jon Bolton: Drums and vocals Mike Mattingly: Guitar Pete Ortega: Bass Terry Love Presents After the Green Bay game in 2015
  20. Terry

    Rockaraoke at the Wilde Rover in Kirkland

    I come up at 3:45 on the video. Pam and I shot this the other night. I have about 8 or 9 people singing on this, just short little clips. It's fun to sing with a live band backing you, and like Karaoke, they have the words on the screen for you. http://www.rockaraoke.com/ 111 Central Way...
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