tankless water heater

  1. Eric Jones

    Upgrade or not to tankless

    I am looking to switch over to a tankless water heater but want to learn more, real world info about transitioning from a 30 gal gas traditional to a tankless. I have researched some and know some about flow rate and temp rise desired from input temp to 115 deg f. My situation is that i...
  2. Wood family

    Tankless water heater condensate drainage problem

    We had rinnai ruc90in tankless water heater installed and plumber for not account for condensate drainage. We got an error code and noticed it was leaking out the black cap. So we call and they say they don't handle condensate that's the HVAC guys. But they will do it. So they come out and...
  3. Kodidavis29

    What water heater setup for jetted shower?

    Hi guys new here but am torn about a decision to upgrade to a tankless water heater 11gpm Westinghouse model sold at the box stores and online. Or just add another 40galon water heater in series to my exsisting 40galon. My setup is a custom jetted shower just built with 4 jets 2.5gpm each a...
  4. muddman77

    Dual water heaters

    So I am getting ready to plumb my new pottery studio, and I have a question about my idea for water heaters. This is for a single sink only. I was originally going to put in a small electric tankless. But after reading about how they work, I am not sure if it will work well for my needs. I will...
  5. Teresa G

    Help Calibrating a Navien NCB 210E - It has efficiency problems

    Hi all, I was sold a Navien NCB 210E combi boiler in August with the golden promises of its efficiency and effectiveness. The background: It was officially operational Sept 1. Since then, it has failed to keep up with the heat demand when the temperature hit -10C and the propane consumption has...
  6. ilans1

    Navien NPE-240A NG Leaking

    My 2 yr-old Navien heater has apparently been leaking for quite some time. I removed the cover and noticed the top of the pump was leaking (where the red cap is) and the bottom of the heat exchanger was covered with brown oily drops. Navien phone support says there is no oil in the system that...
  7. Ken in Socal

    Exterior vented tankless water heater?

    I would like to install a gas tankless water heater on the exterior of my house, however, the best location is right next to a bathroom window. (My house is over 100 years old and the structure is built within inches of the property line all around, so I don't have other convenient places to...
  8. Zeida Carnatz

    New to tankless water heater and can't figure it out!

    Hi! We recently moved to a house with tankless water heater and we are going crazy. So the heater is in a detached garage, our main bathroom and appliances (washer and dishwasher) get hot water ok, but guest bathroom and sinks, including kitchen one, don't get hot water. Kitchen sink is the...
  9. LauraH

    Getting a tankless water heater installed, but have questions on piping size

    So we have decided to have a tankless water heater installed, Rheem model: RTGH-95DVLN-1 (link to specs, features and docs). I contacted our gas company PSNC Energy here in Mooresville, NC, to ask them for a meter upgrade. We currently have the AC-250 meter with 1/2" outlet with 2 psig...
  10. procuru

    Best Tankless Water Heater Brand?

    Considering overall quality, functionality, efficiency, and value?
  11. J.H. Aull

    Marry Tankless and Tank

    I've got two 40 gal tanks in a series providing my hot water with recirculating pump and non-dedicated return line. First one in the series has failed and we've been "surviving" off the one. I'm thinking of the Navien 240 tankless to feed my tank (no sense in ditching a good tank). Since the...

    Thermar super power pack

    I bought a Thermar super power pack (9kw, model HP9024s) back in 1986 but never installed it. I'm considering installing it in a rental unit. The water heater would only serve 1 clothes washer--nothing else connected to the line. Would you recommend this, or should I just spend the $ and...
  13. Tyson M

    Outdoor tankless okay to install in crawl space?

    I'm looking into getting a Takagi outdoor tankless unit and I'm thinking about installing in my crawl space. The crawl space is conditioned but the access to it is outside, so temps can get pretty cold down there. I wanted to do an outdoor unit to eliminate the existing venting up into the attic...
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