1. T

    Design oil warehouse

    Hi, Im trying to figure out how to deicide about in rack sprinkler arragment at cocking oil warehouse. All the flash point of the products is above 300 celsion degree, the product being stored up to 1gal tanks cartooned. I have multiplie row rack arragent, the ceiling height is 69ft and the...
  2. Peachlander

    Sprinkler System Low Pressure - sometimes

    I have a five-year-old, 4 station system sprinkler, two stations higher than the manifold, one lower and one dripper. Orbit valves, Hunter rotator nozzles, Rainbird controller. When I turn on any station, either manualy or via the controller, the pressure is so low I don't get an adequate spray...
  3. Cyahr

    Filter for sprinkler system

    I have the problem of my sprinkler heads getting clogged up with a reddish/orange sediment that looks like sand. I’m assuming it’s iron/rust. My question is, I have a old pool filter on the side of my house. The exact model is the Hayward C900. Would that work for filtering the water going...
  4. 55tbirdfan

    $400 vs $900 irrigation pump

    I am replacing 30 yr old irrigation pump for my sprinkler system. Was a 1½hp Myers pump. Pump still running but think the body has just about rusted thru. I am looking at pumps in the $400 range and wondering if I should be looking at more expensive pumps but do not know what the advantage...
  5. Cyahr

    Rust/sand in sprinkler head filters

    I have 2 zones. Front yard and back yard. The front yard seems to run just fine and rarely gets clogged. The backyard however gets clogged real quick. At least once a week I have to go pull all the filter screens from the sprinkler heads and clean them out. They’ve been dyed an orange color from...
  6. Sam917

    Blowout sprinkler Wilkins 720

    I'm looking to do a blowout in the new home that has the Wilkins backflow preventer. Everything I read says that it shouldn't blowout through the BFP. However when I look at where the compressor can be connected it seems that the air will go through the BFP. See attached picture. This is an...
  7. Paul DT

    Sprinkler anti siphon lid leaks heavily when turned ON- Zone does not work

    Sprinkler anti siphon lid on my Champion brass irrigation valve leaks (heavily) when this irrigation Zone is turned ON & none of my sprinklers pop out and they don't work in this zone.... It was working perfectly until this. The only thing I have recently done (not sure if relevant): Could the...
  8. Jedward

    Major Water Hammer Issue

    I'm at a loss - I've tried everything I can think of, so its time to turn to the experts. I've attached a rudimentary schematic to help you understand the general layout of things. My House is up on a hill, so the street (including municipal water) is probably 15-20 vertical feet below the...
  9. nofx1728

    Sprinklers have very low pressure

    I have a cheap DRUMMOND 1 HP Cast Iron Shallow Well Pump With Pressure Control Switch. I have 6 zones on a 1/4 acre lot with only 4-5 heads running at a time. The pump had not run in a few months and it was failing to prime so I called a sprinkler and irrigation company out to fix my...
  10. David Sev

    Okay to blow out sprinklers through Backflow?

    I just had a sprinkler system installed in My backyard and after researching it looks like my only option to blow out my lines is to blow through the test cocks on the side but have read you aren’t supposed to blow through Backflow preventer. Is it okay to blow through one of the side ports...
  11. BobD777

    Drip Irrigation without Pressure Reduction?

    I just had a drip system installed to water 9 large green giants, and 4 fruit trees--all on one zone--and planted pretty much in a line. The drip tubing goes around each plant a few times. I looked in the valve box and don't see any kind of pressure reducing valves. Considering our water...
  12. brb649

    Irrigation pump cycles fast then slow then trips breaker.

    I have an older 1 HP General Electric water pump that doesn't use a pressure tank and no longer works properly. It draws water from our lake and has worked fine until recently. The problem I'm getting is that the pump appears to be surging (runs at normal speed for a few minutes then slows down...
  13. Clearlyviewing

    Well pump cycling with sprinklers

    Whenever I run my sprinkler system, my well pump will cycle on for about 1:40 and then off for :40. The output of the sprinkler system is obviously not matching the output of the pump. I am afraid the pump with cycle itself to death. I’m wondering if adjusting some of the sprinkler nozzles...
  14. JoeyDYI80

    Sprinkler Anti Siphon valve is leaking from cap

    Tonight after I manually turned on one of my sprinkler zones for few minutes and after it was done I noticed that water was continuously leaking from the underneath the cap of the anti siphon valve. I thought it would stop after a few minutes, but it did not. When I tried to turn on the...
  15. Roger Striffler

    New pump, can't maintain pressure

    I've recently replaced my sprinkler system pump with a 1 HP shallow well pump from Harbor Freight. The pump turns on, runs and seems so far to maintain a prime. The problem is, it does not build any pressure; the pressure gauge stays at zero and only one sprinkler head runs. I also have an...
  16. Dave Park

    Low water pressure on ONLY one zone

    Hi, I am struggling to fix my sprinklers. I have 5 zones. 4 of them are working properly but the last one (zone 5) has a very low water pressure. I checked voltage and it was fine. I also replaced the solenoid and diaphragm of the valve. Nothing worked :( Any help? Thanks,
  17. Derek C

    Sprinkler Line Missing Shutoff Valve

    Hey everyone! My situation is this: my wife and I recently bought a house in Denver, CO. The first snow of the year is coming up, with temperatures expected to reach a low of 16. In preparation for this, I borrowed an air compressor from my dad and we flushed the sprinkler lines. However, we...
  18. mulgarz

    How deep to install double check valve assembly

    Hi guys, I am installing an irrigation system for our back yard and I am trying to do it the right way. I have researched a lot about the code for this area (Washington, King county)and it is very confusing on this topic. So after all the research here is what I am planning on doing: Tap in to...
  19. Jackson882

    Irrigation. Tap into main line

    I am wanting to install a sprinkler system at my house. I have 3/4 PEX coming from water meter into my house. I was wondering the best way to tap into this line. I want to run PVC for the sprinkler system so I will need some sort of 3/4 PEX fitting with a tee for the PVC to run off of. Can...
  20. ApoJake

    Sand in my Sandpoint Well water

    Hi! I purchased a house that has a sandpoint well installed in ~1990. This is a direct driven point well (no casing) that is a 2" steel pipe that is only used for an underground irrigation system. When I did the washer-on-a-string method, I measured a depth of 23 feet until I hit the bottom so...
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