1. Medusa569

    Worried About Compromised PVC HVAC Risers

    A few motnhs back our condo had the HVAC risrs replaced due to age. Thei installed PVC ad copple pipes. During one of the PVC installations evidentlly they somehow had their torch aimed mistakenly aimed towards a pvc pipe ( unprotected from heat) as I smelled the bnoxious door of heated pvc...
  2. Lukewalker64

    Need to redo PVC fitting?

    I’m installing a new laundry room drain, and one of my connections looks like it does not have as solid of a connection as the others. The tee is pretty close with a number of fittings, so it’d be quite a bit of work to cut it out and start over, as I’d have to replace at least four fittings. Is...
  3. Slots

    Need advice about captive nut use with P-Trap.

    I have a 1-1/2" PVC (white) p-trap. Connecting at the tailpipe side is no problem. But connecting at the 1-1/2" (white) wall side pipe is a problem. The captive nut on the (Charlottesville 1-1/2") wall side pipe is thinner, larger (2" ?) and does not come down over the end of the pipe. I have...
  4. Katehis24

    Basement Plumbing Layout (New York Code)

    Hey guys, I'm redoing the plumbing in the basement bathroom since it was never vented properly. I cut all the existing pipes out. I re-connected a new 3-inch pvc into the existing 3 in pvc that led to the stack that goes to the street. I would like to know if everything is up to code for NY...
  5. BigEm

    Conduit Run

    Lets say I want to run a conduit from the panelroom in a warehouse to a location in the parking lot. Im using EMT conduit for the inside and PVC conduit for the underground. So I got a couple a question regarding this run. - Now my question is at what point the EMT stops the PVC run...
  6. Chris R-basement finisher

    Quick waste drain question

    Hello, I’m a DIYer completing the plumbing in my basement. Thankfully most of the waste pipes were already plumbed in. I’ve tried my best to get a basic understanding of UPC. In double checking my work ahead of getting my plumbing inspection I realized I used a medium 90 coming off of my...
  7. JoeThomas

    PVC/Metal Pipe Weight Capacity

    My daughter is in ballet, and we were going to make Do your own (DIY) Ballet Barre. Also my 10 year old son wants to do pull ups (or just hang his weight, he's around 100 pounds). Just curious what is the weight capacity, if someone were to hang on this DIY ballet barre, before I start making...
  8. Huskerfan-23

    PVC Pipe Through Concrete

    This has probably been asked but I couldn't find it.... Tying into existing PVC under basement slab for a new bathroom and wet bar in the basement. Running 2 inch PVC to the wet bar and don't quite have 1/4 in/ft slope under slab and would need to run about the last 2-3ft to get to the bar...
  9. BostonGuido

    Seepage around PCV coupler through concrete wall

    I have a rain water cistern, and the inlet and overflow pipes (3" PVC) penetrate the wall at the top of the 7' deep cistern. The pipe penetration was done by placing an ordinary 3" nominal PVC coupler in the poured concrete wall when it was poured. The PVC pipes were then passed through the...
  10. Toffees3

    Design Review - Plumbing Isometric for Home Re-Drain

    Hello All, I am designing and will soon be working on a home Re-Drain Project. - Located in Tampa FL. - Code is 2020 Florida Building Code, so IBC / IPC 2020. - Re Drain project is adding a new main sanitary line outside of house to minimize trenching inside. - All PVC for new work. Looking...
  11. Kaegen Lau

    Dry-Fitting PVC for Easy Assembly/Disassembly

    Hi, I'm making a greenhouse frame with 3/4" Sch 40 PVC pipe, and I cannot figure out how to dry-fit these pipes into the fittings so that they are secure, but can easily be disassembled. I don't have any high-tech devices or power tools, so I'm really looking for a simple, low-tech way to solve...
  12. thebay

    Repairing hole in PVC DWV

    While attempting to drill out a new hole in a stud shoe, due to a large knot in the stud interfering with the factory hole placement, I slid off the steel and put a 7/64" hole through the standpipe tail piece, right at the stud. I was working at a poor angle, rushing, and am already extremely...
  13. AndrewME

    Replacement of Cast Iron in Tight Space

    What is the best way to deal with the situation in the photo attached? I'm replacing the 4" cast iron with 4" PVC. The problem is these pipes are near the bottom of the basement stairs so we need headroom as well as space around the stairs when we need to bring items in/out of the basement like...
  14. Ctgcwiqc

    How to remove cap from well

    I'm looking at the cap to my well trying to figure out how to remove the cap. I need to determine pump depth, and static water level. It looks like a bolt has been modified to allow water line to extend from the top of the cap. 1. is there a way to remove the modified bolt at the pvc pipe...
  15. Jen24

    Leaking donut connection to cast iron hub

    I have a leak at the connection of were this sewer PVC pipe connects via a rubber connector to a lead (?) pipe the goes into my concrete garage floor. What can I use and how can I seal this myself. I was hoping to use a product without taking this apart and redoing it since I am not versed in...
  16. Greg814

    Installing new PRV valve

    So I'm installing a new prv valve. My old one had failed and I had no flow. What would be the best way to attach the prv to pvc since it has metal threads. I've read where its best to try and avoid plastic to metal threads. I'm just a diy'er. Also where would be the best place to install a ball...
  17. ScrewItUpYourself

    Securing vent stack

    I have a utility sink in my basement that sits along a concrete wall with a footer. Since I can't run the vent stack within or directly against the wall, I ran the P-trap sideways with the vent stack running a few inches (about a hand's width) off the wall along the side of the sink. My...
  18. Nick at 940

    Sink PVC re-arrange to fit garbage disposal

    I am tackling the task of installing a garbage disposal in my kitchen sink. As I neared the end (mounting the actual unit), I discovered it will not fit with the current PVC arrangement I have underneath the sink. Can anyone shoot me some advice for how to configure and what I will need to get...
  19. Robert Leise

    PVC, What type of fittings/solvent do I need to use

    I am a third year plumbing apprentice swapping out a vacuum breaker for a side job. I do commercial work and am not familiar with the irrigation supply line. 1” IPS PVC1120 SDR 21. (Photo below) I need to offset over bc the vacuum breaker outlet is on the opposite side of the old one. Not sure...
  20. JohnG127

    PVC pipe cap

    I'm capping a 4" PVC 2729 pipe, the cap has 3 marks, Sty 2852, PVC 3034, and ABS 2751. What would be the best cement for that?
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