1. mcf57

    Sewer treatment question

    I am about to change out a toilet. While I have the old toilet removed, can I pour some fruit fly drain treatment down the toilet line? Or should I still pour it down a nearby sink (like I have done in the past)? Also, I have always used a regular wax ring when installing new toilets, but I now...
  2. shim

    Accidentally cut off corner of 3 inch ABS fitting! Is it still good to use??

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here, I hope I can get some valuable feedback and advice from all of you. I am currently remodeling my washroom. I noticed that my toilet flange was broken and was causing my toilet to rock back and forth. I decided that I would replace the toilet flange...
  3. E

    Shower Drain

    Is it ok that drain seems to be a bit elevated? Water seems to sit around the drain for a few minutes and then goes away, is this a sign of a leak or are drains designed to work like this? Thank you!
  4. J

    Smart Toilet Install - Broken Flange

    I'm installing a new smart toilet and when I removed the old toilet, the flange was rusted out. I assumed after watching some videos that I would be able to simply cut out the existing glued in flange and replace with a new one. However, I think my flange is one piece with the elbow below...
  5. ERPlumber

    Securing Toilet with Loose Bolt and No Closet Bolt Slot

    Hello fellow plumbing enthusiasts, I'm facing a bit of a dilemma with my toilet and was hoping to get some expert advice from this forum. I recently discovered a leak coming from the bottom of the toilet, so I decided to take it out and investigate. What I found was that both of the bolts...
  6. L

    Inset Toilet Flange Above Finished Floor Question

    Howdy, Looking for some help with a question regarding toilet flanges and wax rings. I have a stainless steel toilet flange ring flush with my floor with an inset pvc glue in portion. The only issue is the pvc inset is not flush with the steel toilet flange. It is 3/4 inch above the finished...
  7. Angelo

    Offset Closet Flange: OK or No Go?

    Am remodeling a small bathroom. After tiling, the closet flange will be about 11 1/2" rough in distance. 1: Might a 12" rough-in toilet fit here? 2. If not, do you have any positive or negative feedback regarding using an offset flange to gain the extra needed space? 3. Or is it best to...
  8. Smack2k

    Flange Bolts Questions

    Hello all, New to the forum and looking for some advice. I am replacing the toilet in my bedroom bathroom. When we took the old toilet off and cleaned up the flange, I noticed the flange bolts were really loose. Upon further inspection and more cleaning, I found that the bolts werent screwed...
  9. DIYOwner

    Flange anchor bolt problem

    I had a handyman do bathroom remodel including new floor tile and new toilet. The toilet installed was defective ( not his fault) so Kohler has sent a new toilet . Now, when I removed the old toilet, I found that one flange bolt was spinning. On inspection, it looks like he made a bad tile cut...
  10. Danny L

    Cut flange over 3" pipe, and install 4" flange on top?

    Hi forum, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I hired a professional plumber to install a toilet flange for me but he installed it 3/8 inches above the finished tile floor and claims it is perfectly acceptable. Further, the flange is only held in to the substrate by 1 screw and the flange rests solely...
  11. farmerisland

    Replacing toilet that clogs/leaks from poor installation

    Hello all. I have an old main floor toilet that I'm replacing because it has always been a notorious clogger. I've also noticed a little leakage, but minimal. The previous homeowners, or whatever installer, placed the flange slightly below the finished tile. I could stack wax rings, but there's...
  12. TJEL

    Water Draining Around Bathtub Flange

    I've got water leaking around the bathtub flange in my seldom used bathroom. I confirmed this by closing the drain, running an oz of water, putting some dust particles into the water, and watching where it sucked up to as the water drained out. It sucked up to the outside edge of the flange -...
  13. pazure

    Great closet flange graphic for newbies

    At first, I was bewildered by all the different types of closet flanges and ways they could be installed. This graphic from Home Depot really helped me understand them, and it even cites which are code compliant and which not. My question is, if it isn't code approved, then why are they...
  14. Jay neubert

    Bathroom Remodel - Toilet Flange is Gone - FIX HELP NEEDED

    Hello all, First time poster, but I've heard great things about the Plumbing advice here. Hoping you can advise! I have a long post on the JohnBridge.com forum on my bathroom remodel job, and they recommended that I post it here to get the proper plumbing advice. I'm at a standstill until I get...
  15. 237user

    Cannot remove closet bolts - toilet install

    Hi Ran into a problem replacing my toilet. Previous owner installed an extender on the flange as the flange is about an inch below the floor. However, I cannot remove the bolts as it appears as though the extender was installed over the bolts so the keyhole is partially covered by the...
  16. krizzta

    Pillbox toilet and tank too close to wall

    Howdy toilet people, is it possible to rotate this toilet bowl without having to disrupt/move the tank and pipe it's connected to, or any other solutions to move it farther away from the wall? Is an offset flange an option? Nobody, and I mean NOBODY likes to feel cramped on the pot! PLEASE HELP...
  17. JohnDIY

    Toilet flange chipping away

    Every video I’ve seen of people removing a PVC toilet flange has been easy, mine has not been. I have an inside flange. It’s taken several hours, a piece at a time to remove. While removing the sleeve of the old flange, I’ve chipped away and delaminated bits and pieces of the waste line. My...
  18. broken toilet guy

    Uncut tile under toilet

    My toilet was leaking and I pulled it off the floor the problem was clear. The flange sits on top of the bathroom tile on 3 sides but on the subfloor on the 4th (yes I know the flange is round) allowing it to rock. Found a foam spacer between the floor and the flange. Wondering if anyone...
  19. cashchow

    1" below floor flange, double wax seal help

    Hi all, Found out our toilet was having an extremely low leak causing peeling paint so we lifted it and found the original installer had used two poorly installed flange spacers and a too short wax ring. Lots of gross mess to clean up but here's the issue: The flange is now just over 1 inch...
  20. tsos93

    What happens if the flange knockout goes down the pipe??

    Hi, I live in the city and I'm remodeling my upstairs bathroom. My flange knockout cap accidentally went down the 4in ASB pipe. How serious of an issue is this? What do I need to do to get it out? I've gotten some mixed answers. I had a plumber come and he scoped it out and found it to be about...
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