1. Mr Blint

    not having much luck with slow drip on 3/4 copper/brass compression union

    Although the alignment of the pipes is good, my 3/4 copper + brass compression unions are leaking. A single drip every five minutes or so. Three of them have this issue. There's no visible damage on any of them. I've loosened and retightened the threads on all of them and one eventually...
  2. J

    What type of faucet do I have?

    Can't find any markings and I need to fix drips. Either by replacing washer, or buying a whole new stem. Thanks in advance
  3. Shinysquid

    Need to replace a valve on a short PEX pipe- any hope to DIY?

    Hello - I found an issue with my water intake valve where there is a drip from the valve when the water is on. It drips from the right most side of the valve where there is a horizontal line/cutout. The valve seems to be one solid piece with no removable parts so I think my only fix for this is...
  4. JimNY

    Flushometer handle drips briefly during flush - what's needed for more than a temporary fix?

    Sequence: Plumber is over for an unrelated problem, and asked to look at the handle. Says "easy fix" and swaps in a new handle. Leak stops for a few months. Then repeat. Curious if there perhaps is a more deeply internal part that could use attention? (Presto Valve, Coyne and Delaney, Brooklyn...
  5. Mark2276

    K-8304 Kohler Shower/Bath Faucet Constant Drip

    Hello, I had a Kohler (model Rubicon) Bath/Shower Faucet installed last year during a bathroom remodel. After the install there was a constant drip from the tub spout after the faucet was shut off. I contacted Kohler and they sent me a replacement (one piece cartridge) (model GP 800881 -...
  6. Gavin Hindman

    Vent stack condensation

    I've got a vent stack from a 2nd floor bathroom that goes up a chase and into a finished 3rd floor exterior wall where it then vents out through a vaulted roof. There is a consistent, but infrequent drip from where the vent pipe exits the upper wall into the 2nd floor chase. There is no...
  7. Neil.Steiner

    Tub spout still drips after valve + seat replacement

    An older 3-handle shower of mine developed a problem where even when the faucets are turned off, the spout would still drip a little, and I had to turn the faucets really tight to get the dripping to stop. My wife tells me the problem is mostly with the hot water faucet. I hired a plumber for...
  8. BobD777

    Drip Irrigation without Pressure Reduction?

    I just had a drip system installed to water 9 large green giants, and 4 fruit trees--all on one zone--and planted pretty much in a line. The drip tubing goes around each plant a few times. I looked in the valve box and don't see any kind of pressure reducing valves. Considering our water...
  9. HotHat

    Dripping tub spout

    I replaced a broken diverter spout a few weeks ago, and it went great. But two weeks ago—about 3 weeks after the replacement—it started dripping. First, it dripped longer and longer after baths and showers, but that’s increased to a constant, rapid drip, day and night. I’d read it could be...
  10. Sunnyday

    Thermal expansion advice

    Hello, been in the house 15 years. Every winter hear tapping in wall between bath and kitchen. Noise sounds on the higher side of wall. Starts after hot water has been running a bit, after the waters off the noise begins to taper off as well. You may have noticed but it’s been summer and well...
  11. Sunnyday

    Dripping in drain pipe under toilet.

    Hello. Looking for a little advice. Just replaced a leaking Sloan flushmate system. Water was leaking into tank from a hole in the old flushmate. Relatively easy install but now that the new one is in I am hearing a dripping sound in the cellar under the toilet. Sounds like it’s in the PVC...
  12. willard f

    Lennox Furnace Condensate Trap Leak - Need help

    Hello, I have a Lennox G51MP Furnace. I recently noticed the condensate trap is leaking. I am pretty sure it is Lennox drain trap Cat # : 61M35 | Model/Part #: LB-96382A. The leak (just a slight but constant drip) is located where the pvc meets the trap's drain stub (at least that what I think...
  13. BrianTX

    Leaking faucet

    I had a faucet that was leaking from the cold water handle when either the hot or cold was on. I changed out both the seats and stems (went to a faucet supply store to get the exact parts) and the handles feel great, but now the faucet is dripping like crazy. I’m worried the faucet itself is...
  14. MichaelFL

    Intermittent dripping in shower

    I have a problem with intermittent dripping from the master shower. I cannot find a solution to it. I live in Peoria, AZ. My house is new - only 4.5 years old. The builder installed Moen fixtures throughout it. The master shower has the Moen model Eva fixtures (model T2132ORB). The control...
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