1. Lukewalker64

    Need to redo PVC fitting?

    I’m installing a new laundry room drain, and one of my connections looks like it does not have as solid of a connection as the others. The tee is pretty close with a number of fittings, so it’d be quite a bit of work to cut it out and start over, as I’d have to replace at least four fittings. Is...
  2. Michael Bluejay

    How to connect sewer line to City main?

    Tree roots got into my 1965-era iron sewer pipe so I'm replacing everything from the house to the street with 4" Schedule 40 PVC. I've trenched out to the City main and it appears that the connection of the old sewer line was made with concrete. How do I make the new connection? Chisel out...
  3. Vdawg

    Compression vs Push-Fit connections with plastic/poly tubing

    TL;DR: Would you prefer a compression connection or a good (i.e. John Guest) push-fit connection specifically for 1/4" or 3/8" plastic/poly tubing (not copper) for long-term reliability against a sudden blow out? Long Version: I installed a water filter under my kitchen sink a few years ago...
  4. DIYjohnny

    Dishwasher Help

    Will this setup work with a dishwasher?
  5. Plubit

    How to connect a PVC elbow to metal drain?

    This is my first adventure into plumbing and I need some guidance. This is in a 1940's home where a previous owner used one of those wonderful Form N Fit extensions to get the bathroom sink drain lined up with the P-trap that is angled slightly to the left in the photo, while the drain is off to...
  6. Raghav

    Which adapter should I buy?

    I am a complete plumbing newbie. The hose that connects my sprinkler system to the tap disconnected and is no longer staying connected after several tries. Which adapter should I buy to connect? (See images for details) In the image top facet goes to sprinkler, bottom goes to tap. One the top...
  7. JMitch

    Toilet plumbing (sanitary) versus shower drain connected wrong?

    I am doing a minor renovation and I changed the pipes for the plumbing. When I spoke to a plumber who happened to be passing by, he said the work was done incorrectly. The 3 inch pipe has a toilet above it. The 2 inch pipe comes from a shower. This is in DC where 2012 ICC plumbing codes...
  8. Snorp

    LED light - 2 wire to 3 wire LED xfmr connection

    Hello again folks, I really appreciate the time and effort and knowledge that you guys have given me before. Here I am, back again with hat in hand. I'm remodeling a small bathroom - new fan and two led vanity lights (not enough light output from one light). Old hookup was using one switch...
  9. Leak2017

    Leaking Tub/Shower Drain

    Hello All - My skills are it the DIY level, need advice. I'll try to be brief. Shower drain clogged and I used plunger to clear, worked great. Next, I noticed ceiling downstairs wet after anyone took shower, Opened ceiling and found that shower drain had female threadded connector, but...

    Well pump replacement, never seen this!! Help please :)

    Ok this might be a lengthy post but the picture pretty much explains my dilemma. I'm just baffled on how to free up and remove the pipe from the casing in this particular setup. I tried to upload a video but apparently the file is too big :/ Basically, the inner pipe with the pump...
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