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We did a water test with tapscore (Results: The main things I am concerned about are hardness, uranium, Gross Alpha, Gross Beta and getting the iron down under the secondary mcl level of 0.3mg/L. Should I be worried about the Total HPC? Anything else I should be concerned about?

I was wanting to fix our issues for the whole house but a whole house RO is really expensive and very wasteful. So I was thinking of going the route of....

Well > Pressure Tank > 20" Sediment Filter > Cation Exchange > Anion Exchange > 20" Carbon Filter

As far as I know that setup should remove/reduce all those things (Except Total HPC) down to below the mcl levels. Do any of you see a problem with that?

For Total HPC I could use UV or micro filtration, if it is a concern... I was leaning towards micro filtration but I am having a hard time finding an option for that. Any good options for micro filtration? If I go the micro filter option would I put that after the sediment filter or after the carbon filter?
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