1. WMG

    Issues with upflow uranium/water softener system

    Hi, I have the following system: Uranium Reduction Lower Chamber .5 CF/Softener Upper Chamber 1.25 CF Meter VortechMid 1054Black/Counter Current Upflow CK10EE-1.5 GPM DLFC 18x40 Brine Tank Periodically I have been noticing very salty water after a regeneration, and sometimes a full brine tank...
  2. Njm5785

    Water filtration advice for my water test results

    We did a water test with tapscore (Results: https://gosimplelab.com/v6HZeQi8CZ/all-results). The main things I am concerned about are hardness, uranium, Gross Alpha, Gross Beta and getting the iron down under the secondary mcl level of 0.3mg/L. Should I be worried about the Total HPC? Anything...
  3. Mark444

    How do I treat for uranium in well water

    I'm trying to treat well water at my new house that has high uranium of 186, high manganese of .113, high hardness of 150. Ph is okay at 7.42 as are all other tested parameters. I've gotten 3 quotes, all different approaches. Two use mixed bed resin in one tank for hardness/uranium treatment...
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