Vespin II or Drake II?

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by robinv1333, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. robinv1333

    robinv1333 New Member

    Jun 22, 2010
    Public Landing, MD
    Vespin II- has Sanagloss and the cyclone flush. I like the solid base for cleaning ease.
    Drake II - I have 2 of the 1.6 with G-Max and I love them. No Sanagloss when I got them, but it is now available with Sanagloss.

    This will get fairly heavy use by 3 people including two people who visit the bathroom frequently and have various issues.

    Will the Cyclone system take everything down with the 1.28?
    Is the E-Max that much more powerful?
    I saw an add showing the Drake with the cyclone system and another showing it with the EMax system - was that wrong or is it now available with either system?
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  2. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    The original Drake comes with either the G-Max 1.6 gallon tank, or the Eco 1.28 gallon tank.
    The MaP rating stays pretty even on the bowls.
    The CST744S at standard height was getting 900 grams and
    the CST744EL ADA bowl with 1.28 gallons was getting 900 grams
    The CST454CEFG with 1.28 gallons got 800 grams.
    Anything over 500 grams is overkill.
    MaP doesn't rate bowl cleaning, so some of the manufacturers have figured out how to ace the flush test, sometimes at the expense of the rinse in the bowl. Engineering minds don't like to clutter their brains with things like bowl wash, they like a simple little chart that measures only one thing.
    Bowl flush and bowl rinse are two separate and different things.
    Lucky for me, the Toto bowls seem to combine the best of both worlds. Maybe that's why they tend to keep selling themselves to the same old customers.
    The new Drake II and the Vespin II are both good choices. The Vespin II was upgraded, but they still lowered the price.
    It's a good deal right now. So is the Drake II, which for some reason they have given me really good pricing until the end of July on. I think I sold six of the Drake II's yesterday.
    They are close enough on specs, I would just go with your gut on this.
    Some really like the skirted bowl for outside the bowl cleaning. Ask women about this, they know.
    Don't ask an engineer though, clean the outside of a bowl? That's my wife's job.
    Hey, someone has to do it. That's why the Aquia is selling so well with the smooth looking skirted bowl. Women love that knowing that they are going to get stuck with cleaning. Doesn't seem fair, I know, but it's what I hear about all the time.
    Sometimes a couple will come over, and the women sees something like the skirted bowl Guinevere, and her eyes light up.
    Yeah, sometimes they wind up going home with that one. It's pretty cool looking, and it's got the skirted bowl for cleaning.
    Sometimes I look at the husband and say, hey, at least I'm here to help you load up.
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  4. robinv1333

    robinv1333 New Member

    Jun 22, 2010
    Public Landing, MD
    Thanks Terry. You are right, I do see really good prices on the Vespin II and Drake II right now. Lucky for me, my husband is a cleaner, but I think we'd both like the skirt for a change. So I think I will try the Vespin this time and see how it compares. We have 2 aging houses so I still have 3 toilets to replace in the next few years. Ever since I found your site, I have bought Toto and I haven't even looked at other brands. Even w/o the Sanagloss, the Drake I stays really clean and rarely needs much help on the inside.
  5. dman418

    dman418 New Member

    May 7, 2010
    I have two toilets to replace and have decided to use the Vespin II and/or the Drake II. My problem is the supply lines come through the cement floor and I can’t determine if the lines will clear the toilet bowel. On the first toilet, the line is 6in to the left of the drain centerline and 8in above the floor. It is a 10 ½ in rough-in so I will need to use the Vespin II with a 10 kit. If it will fit. That is if the Supply line will clear the back of the Vespin bowl. I hope someone can help with my problem.
    The other toilet has the supply line that comes up through the cement floor. It is offset by 8in to the left from the centerline of the drain and 6in from the wall. Would this clear the Vespin II or the Drake II? The rough-in is 14 in, so I could use the 12 in or 14in kit on the Vespin II if that would give enough room. I am open to the using the Drake II on this if needed.
    One more thing, the house was built in 1993 so it is plumbed with the gray poly pipe; I think it referred to as PB. This could be a problem with causing a leak.
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