Switching from washer standpipe drain to laundry sink

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    I'm having issues with lint buildup in the standpipe for my washer and would like to have the washer drain into a new sink so I can filter the lint out. Would it be acceptable to connect the sink drain to the existing standpipe and then have the washer empty into the sink? If so, does the top of the standpipe then get capped off or what happens to it? Can I go without a trap on the sink since the standpipe has its own trap? Thanks in advance.
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    What you propose is turn your current situation, like the picture on the right, to be like the picture on the left below, except that the washer would drain into the laundry sink. I had thought that was OK, but I was mistaken. I am not a plumber.

    So apparently, you need to get rid of the standpipe. I wonder if you could cap it and call it a cleanout?

    The picture is from https://terrylove.com/forums/index.php?threads/laundry-sink-piping-help.54772/ #5. #6 says you cannot do that in the US.
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    IF the outlet of the WM is too low, it can also siphon the WM. You could run it up high enough, and put something to extend it down as long as there was an air gap to stop siphoning. The WM can produce a pretty strong flow, so splashing can be an issue when it discharges into a sink.
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