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Hi, I am new to this forum and looking for some suggestions to address issues with our well water.

We have a shallow dug well. The water tests in the past four years showed that we have very soft water (9-24 mg/L) with low pH (5.7-6.2), fluctuated iron level (<0.05-2.5 mg/L) and slightly elevated manganese (0.05-0.1 mg/L). Our plan is to install a system that neutralize pH and then add an iron/manganese filter. We already determine the option for iron/manganese removal, but can't decide if we should choose a pH neutralizer (with calcite or calcite/cortex mix) or a soda ash system to adjust the acid water. We lean to a soda ash system because we have a septic system and want to avoid water softener if we can. However, we consulted 4 local water treatment companies and they all seemed frown upon the soda ash system because it requires much more maintenance. They claimed that they don't have any happy customers with soda ash systems, which made us concerned. We don't mind doing the maintenance ourselves but would like to learn more about what and how much work involved before committing to it. So here are some of our questions:

1. If you own a soda ash system, could you provide some insights on the system? Do you like it? Does it REALLY require a lot of maintenance that you wish you chose a calcite neutralizer? Are you able to get a relatively stable pH from the system?
2. What brand and model is your system? We are considering a proportional-feed system with a inline mixer (like this). We want to avoid low quality products so we are happy to know your recommendations!
3. If we install a calcite neutralizer without a water softener, will the added hardness from the neutralizer cause any problems with scaling or damage to the plumbing and appliances? Can we directly discharge the backwash to outside? Our state does not prohibit that but we are concerned about the damage to landscapes, environment and our water source.

Any suggestions and recommendation are highly appreciated! Thank you!
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