septic tank.pumping ???

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    My 200--250 maybe, gallon tank. Has been in the ground 21 years problems. Lately its not taking a flush more than twice, without backing up out of my floor drain, This bathroom is in my garage, the tank is a large plastic type material.It is slowly draining it goes up and down slowly in the clean out opening We had below zero weather most of this winter, And 4 feet of snow around the garage, and hi bitter cold winds. The wind comes out and around the end of my garage, and usually if i don't cover the line and the trap .....The trap freezes each winter .depending on wind and temp.
    Question after all that. is this.It is only used once or twice a year "NO trees" even close to the field or connecting lines. BUT the whole pipeline to the tank is----not very deep. 2' maybe at the most. Around here pumping gets expensive . Mine pumped; $210.00 to $300. like i said its never been pumped.I installed it myself in 1993, any help before i call these pumpers? thanks much "retired plumber" bob s

    ps; I was thinking maybe the top of the tank had been frozen .Tanks down 12" or so ,and had not thawed out completely yet?
    this has been the coldest winter on record for us since 1978.
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