Seeking Tub Filler Solutions for Unique Freestanding Tub Situation

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We have installed a 62" freestanding tub in our small bathroom, replacing the old surround fixture. It is 3" from the back wall and 5-6" from the walls on either side (head/foot of tub).

Due to COVID and the upcoming unavailability of help I rushed getting the floor tile, tub drain, and tub installed, and now I need to go back and install a tub filler (with a shower wand, preferably).

However, the floor is already tiled and closed. I have PEX lines with shutoffs coming through the floor behind the tub that I've directed into a corner where there is room to work. So: Lack of better pre-planning has left me with finished beadboard/drywall walls and a finished tile floor. While it's /possible/ to get to the plumbing in the crawlspace, it would take days of digging to actually get to the corner where I want to install the filler (and even then, maybe not quite possible due to the drain line).

What I'm looking for is a solution to install a tub filler with a shower wand without needing the feed lines to come out of the wall and without having to bolt a fixture to the floor. Ideally, I would mount the hardware and fixtures right on the wall and connect the PEX at the bottom and be done. The SO wants it to look nice, though, and my "rustic" copper solution was vetoed (after I developed all of the other plans around sweating myself the fixtures, of course). Can anyone point me to a fixture that could be installed this way with a minimum of fuss? (My current possible answer is to build a low box that would serve as a "floor" to install something like a Roman tub filler onto, then bolt that box to the wall. But that would add inches to the height of the downspout...)
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