tub filler

  1. BathroomReno

    Tub Filler Pulling Out of the Wall

    I recently bought a Kohler Parallel (K-TLS23502-4) bath and shower trim kit. Three weeks after the first installation, the tub filler pulled out from the wall, with water pouring out from behind the tub filler until I shut off the flow. The plumber who installed it returned. He tightened a screw...
  2. Jian

    1/2'' PEX to 3/8'' male thread fitting for tub filler

    I am trying to add a connection adapter from cold/hot water supply line to tub filler. The tub filler is AKDY TF0021 (https://www.homedepot.com/p/AKDY-1-Handle-Freestanding-Floor-Mount-Roman-Tub-Faucet-Bathtub-Filler-with-Hand-Shower-in-Chrome-TF0021/300943794). Attached is picture of the water...
  3. Richard Schrodeer

    Delta Freestanding Tub Filler Installation

    We recently remodeled our bathroom and decided to install a Delta Freestanding tub filler, wanting to make sure it was installed correctly we hired a plumber. At the time the floor had been ripped out, since then we installed cement backer board and tile. When we went to finish the...
  4. Jeff Elkins

    Seeking Tub Filler Solutions for Unique Freestanding Tub Situation

    We have installed a 62" freestanding tub in our small bathroom, replacing the old surround fixture. It is 3" from the back wall and 5-6" from the walls on either side (head/foot of tub). Due to COVID and the upcoming unavailability of help I rushed getting the floor tile, tub drain, and tub...
  5. Sting

    Help Needed: Is this much bend in supply line OK?

    Hello, I recently had a bad plumbing experience. The plumber damaged the non-replaceable supply lines on my $800 tub filler and then disappeared. I installed the new tub filler and completed the compression connections, However based on his rough-in, I ended up with a slight bend in the cold...
  6. Scott Baxla

    Unusual 1920's tub fill spout

    Has anyone seen a tub fill spout like this? (pics below). Its very unusual in a few ways - very low profile and no sharp edges & the water in the tub can be filled to the rim of the tub (fill spout submerged) since the spout blocks the overflow and somehow sealed. (I've taken a deep bath in...
  7. Kenji S

    Makeshift tub faucet, Is this allowable?

    I've got a freestanding tub and have been struggling to find high-flow filler options at (to-me) reasonable prices. While looking around the web, I found this image (http://www.remodelista.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/niki-turner-stroud-remodelista-25.jpg) and would love to do it if it would...
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