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  1. ta240

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    Jul 12, 2013
    Sacramento, CA

    We are getting ready to redo some of our bathroom and it requires removing and reinstalling a drop in tub that is set inside a raised tiled area. I broke out the small access point on the front that was the last spot they tiled when they built the house and looking inside I see that the tub is sitting on a 2x4 rectangle with 2 sheets of drywall on top of it and then expanding spray foam between that and the tub. One of the foam feet under the tub is sitting about 4" off to the side of all of this with nothing under it.

    From everything I've seen this really isn't the way to support a tub and is probably why it creaks when we get in and out of it.

    What is the proper way to fill the space under the tub? Right now I'm thinking a taller and wider platform to replace their 2x4 and drywall one that would get it up to right under the feet of the tub consisting of a wooden frame with cross supports in the middle and 3/4" plywood on top. With plastic sheeting then motar then another plastic sheet followed by the tub.

    Is that right? Do the foam blocks that are on the tub have to be supported by the frame or is the mortar under the tub enough?

  2. Terry

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    Aug 17, 2004
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    If you have support under the tubs foam blocks, that should be enough.
    You can build that up, or finish of with mortar that the tub drops down into. The reason we use mortar at times, is that it's hard to guess the exact height to put the blocking at.
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  4. ta240

    ta240 New Member

    Jul 12, 2013
    Sacramento, CA

    I'm at the point now where we will be doing the tub in a couple days. The height of the deck is changing some so I won't know the exact height to set the base for under the tub at so the mortar will be a must.

    I've seen some places claim that once you set the tub in the mortar you are supposed to fill it completely with water to press it down into the mortar but I'm thinking then when it is drained it will want to pop up and away from the mortar.

    I figured just a couple inches of water in the tub to keep it in place?

    And I've seen a lot of different types of 'mortar' mentioned on here. What is the best to use?
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