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1hp , Sub pump, 40' well with Bladder Tank , Square "D" Switch with a Pumptec. I posted a Filter Placement problem the other day and cured that situation and after everything was up and running fine for about an hour I started to loose pressure in the system causing the pump to cycle every 2 minutes. I am assuming the the Valve in the pump is not holding the pressure in the system allowing the water to back flow through the pump back into the Well. I noticed air coming from the Vent of the Pump Seal and you can feel the water moving in the pipe at the Pump Outlet. If this is a Valve problem in the pump is there anything I can install on top of the ground instead of Taking this pump a part and replacing the Valve?


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Riverview, Fl.
I don't know what the pump cycling off and on could have to do with your pressure getting lower in the home. If the pump is shutting off, the pressure should be the same as before.

If the water is going somewhere, you should determine if it's going into the house or down the well. You can do this by closing the main valve feeding the house. If the cycling stops, you have a leak in the house.

If it's going down the well, you could add a check valve up top, but it is only going to mask a problem that can get worse over time and cause you a lot more problems. So if it's in the well, I suggest pulling the pump and fixing the problem.

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