Proper Tank to Bowl Gasket on old Toilet

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by Nicholas440, Mar 1, 2017.

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    Jul 6, 2013
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    Hello everyone,
    I have an old toilet from the 1960 era, and the tag in the tank says Sears Roebuck and shows a diagram of the Tilt Flusher and how to adjust it. My problem is a bolt on one side that holds the tank to bowl is dripping occasionally, and I think from what I searched that this toilet was made by Universal Rundle ? Im not sure, but it's a 2 bolt tank. My question is could the bolt be leaking due to a worn rubber washer under it in the tank, or could it be the gasket between tank and bowl? Only one bolt drips, so I looked up how to pick the right size tank to bowl gasket, and it said to go into the tank and measure the opening of the flush tube, and I measure about 2 1/8 inches diameter. The youtube video said there are 2 inch and 3 inch gaskets, if it's a 2 inch or so hole buy a 2 inch gasket. So I got a 2 inch kit from Ace Hardware, I believe it's a Fluidmaster, but I have not put it on yet because I've seen that there are some " Odd" toilets out there with non standard gaskets? Can someone tell me if this is a Universal Rundle and if so would a basic 2 inch rubber gasket fit between tank and bowl? I also bought new brass bolts. I've replaced all the inside components many years ago and I think at that time I ordered a Tilt Flusher valve from Sears and I did put it in but thats been about 20 years. The bolts appear to be in great shape and I've not bothered them yet. I had to put off repairing it because I've had open heart surgery about 6 months ago but I'm good to go now and I dont think the tank is that heavy if I remember from removing it many years ago. Thank you all in advance, we plan on replacing the toilet sometime this year with a more economical one but this one works so well I felt it's worth fixing it up.
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    Sep 25, 2013
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