Proper Sediment Filter/trapper positioning

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    Jan 5, 2012
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    Hi everyone.

    The problem I'm facing is a large amount of sediment particles in my water. The water itself is clear and I've not detected any off flavours, but in the 18 months since I've bought this house, I've had to unclog pretty much every water inlet in the building. Pretty much all the sediment is coming from the cold water lines, so I know it's not the water heater.

    My setup is as follows:
    A submerged well pump (2-wire) >> backflow preventer >> ProPlumber 40/60 pressure switch >> ValueWell VW20 20gal. pressure tank >> American Plumber WVC34 filter >> everything else
    I have no information on the model or even the power rating or age of the pump, nor the depth of the well (though I do know local wells tend to run 50-80 feet deep). I'm assuming 1/2HP, but that's based on nothing at all.

    The misadventures started when I tried going from the 30-micron filter cartridge to a 2-micron one, to address the sediment problem. Water flow dropped to almost zero within hours. Washing out the filter cartridge was a scary experience -- it was chock-full of fine rust. I guess for the past year and a half, I was the filter. All the poking around also revealed that the pressure switch (a 40/60 Square D) wasn't shutting off properly, and would keep the pump running after the pressure tank filled. The diaphragm in the switch was also badly clogged (there was another, unrelated problem with the switch, which is why I replaced it completely).

    My current thought is to install a spin-down sediment filter between the pump and the pressure switch, to keep the coarse particles out of the mix, and let the 2-micron filter do its job better.So the new setup would be:
    pump >> backflow preventer >> sediment filter >> pressure switch >> etc.

    I saw at least one mention on here of this not being a great idea. My reasoning for choosing that spot for the new filter is that I want to keep the pressure switch from clogging up.

    My questions are:
    Will placing the sediment filter before the pressure switch actually help protect the pressure switch? Will it help the 2-micron cartridge work, or am I just asking too much from my filtration setup?
    If I understand the discussion in the other thread correctly, I should be including a CSV between the new filter and the pressure switch, like so:
    pump >> backflow preventer >> sediment filter >> CSV >> pressure switch >> etc.
    Is that correct?

    And, as a nice-to-have,
    Is there any way to get more information about my pump, short of having someone pull and visually inspect it?

    Thanks in advance!
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