Old brass moen 2 handle shower valve

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Check it out so old 2 handle moen valve went to replace cartridge.. well you can't find a brass. Two handle cartridges here in California not at hone depot or lowes
. So finally went to Ferguson pipe and supply they couldn't match it either but they had a price fister brass valve that would work as replacement. So I replaced cartridges well this piece of scrap price pfister cartridge is not all brass it hs a plastic adapter for you thread on valve cover and escutions. Everything was fine up until home owner wanted different handle found handles got new thread escutions and handles . Well I did a text fit threaded both covers on. Came back to install handles and I had forgot to remove the old ha ndle adapter w which was now stuck inside stem cover . So I unthread sleeves to the point they are just spinning well the new black plastic adapter they put on instead of the brass valve there's has come off and is just spinning and is stuck in sleeve and I can pull sleeve off because of old handle adapters . Finally drilled off adapters and was able to get handles one but cold side now has no stop. Which I don't recall there being a stop . But once it untreated the plastic adapter it Nokomis on. Left or right and I have yo stop it whare it stops when normally brass stops are seated inside lower pert of valve. It's not leaking but I can't figure out why it now spins freely which ever the way u turn it. And adapter still preventing removal of sleeve so I cant see wtf is going on this was suppose to be an on and out job which has turned into a freaking nightmare because she wanted new handles hahaha any advice would be helpful tthanks
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