Need to replace wall hung toilets?

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I am a disabled older lady with limited funds. I need a cheap and easy as possible solution.

I have 2 American Standard wall-hung toilets. 4-bolt. Both are having problems. Older 60s Arizona ranch style home.

The main toilet's bolts were popping off. There is a leak somewhere, moisture appears beneath where some of the wall is rotted. The house flippers before me used regular, not water resistant, drywall that appears to be expanding and causing the bolts to pop off. I cut off the water to it. Don't use it, but I think it's causing sewer gas to come in sometimes when we use the sink. That toilet can't be used. Of note, this toilet had a crack over a decade ago, but a plumber said it was fine after he applied JB Weld. I'm not sure where that crack was. I think under the bowl somewhere but I haven't had problems with it. Not that I know of anyway.

The second toilet has developed a leak between the bowl and tank. It's useable but I need to stop the leaking. I tried to disconnect the tank and the seat not long ago but the bolts are just too corroded to budge. I was hoping to just have to replace bolts/washers or a gasket/seal but can't get it apart. The toilet is tucked into a recess with a mere couple inches on each side. Hard to get to the bolts.

My plan is to try to fix the main toilet first and hope the 2nd one stays manageable. I am hoping I just need to replace the drywall and gasket. But not sure if it's too old or if the crack is a problem. I had hoped to rent a toilet carrier and replace it with a another vused uncracked American Standard wall-hung, but I can't find any. Used to be able to find these toilets easily for under $100 or even almost free, but I can't find. I don't see any similar new wall hungs for under that price either, and I just can't afford hundreds or thousands in repairs for these.

However, I do see rear-flush or ones that have a fitting for a flushometer for under $100. Could those be adapted somehow?

If not, do I have other realistic, affordable options? Should one or both toilets be replaced? Or should they be able to be repaired easily? How do I get those bolts off?

If I replace with a different brand, can I use any that have 4 bolts? Do I need to change the carrier?


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No, you cannot adapt a flushometer WC bowl to a gravity WC. And you can't just find/use any old tank.
As a pro, we deal with this thing occasionally.
There are quite a handful of issues once we start to work. First, you should plan on new four bolt wall hung tank toilet.
Then there are the issues with the drain flange depth: On new carriers, the flange is plastic and never seizes up and so is quite adjustable. Not all WC drain flanges have the same depth, so you never know if what you have is going to work out or not.
And, the depth of the all-thread rod is also a tricky thing. Usually those have to be removed and re-set.
This is all work for a plumber, not a DIY.
I'd recommend a new wall carrier if you can see your way, but it is going to be quite a bit of work.
Maybe look to local Rotarian or Habitat who might offer senior citizens charity for the help you need. We have that in our area.
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The first toilet sounds totally shot (the one with the repaired crack). If a toilet is cracked, its got to go. I'd replace it with a Gerber Maxwell Wall Hung Toilet which will fit on the 4 bolt hanger you have.

The second toilet might be salvageable if you can get the tank off the bowl to replace the parts. Although very tedious and time consuming, I have hacksawed tank bolts off by using a small, open ended hacksaw with a blade designed to cut through metal.

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