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My dad left a company 5 years ago. I left them too to help him out. It was great for 2 years. Now my dad just drinks... a lot. I've been fully taken over slowly. I love my dad but he does "Gosh darn golly" all now. We have a shop and he just drinks there all day. Not drunk.... but a 40 every 3 days. This I'm guessing. Could be more or less


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In construction I've never been able to have a single drink during the day. I still have my fingers and toes, and even that is somewhat by luck.
One day I was done working with tools, was dropping in for lunch and figured why not have a drink at lunch and then do paper work afterwards. Even that one drink took my edge away. I just can't do it. I don't mind having a drink at Dinner if I'm out and work is done for the day. If I even have one thing to do, I can't take that drink.

My hiking friend worked at Boeing as an Engineer, working a very early shift. A few times I would end work early to meet him for beers. It was such an early afternoon, that the rest of the evening just dragged on. He was in bed by 8:00, so for him it was a normal day.
There are too many good things that can be done during our work hours. I've fired guys for drinking during the day, not that I caught them, but when they start cross threading supply lines and leaving the job with pooling water on the floor that the homeowner calls us about and then the insurance hits, it was time to let him go.

He also liked to stick the toilet wax on the floor, stepping on it, and the walking around the bathroom with wax sticking to everything. I couldn't teach him to avoid stepping on the wax.

Is he depressed? Sometimes it helps to see someone. I've done my share of that, especially after a divorce. Different counselors have different advice they hand out. Some works out very well. Good luck with your father, I hope things get better.
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Not drunk.... but a 40 every 3 days.
I think "a 40" refers to a 40 ounce beer or malt liquor. Not a problem drinker based on just that. But yes, during work hours or before driving its a problem.
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