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I recently got around to changing my sisters 20yr old Kohler Stately toilet and used one that Kohler had sent us to use as a demo. They also provided one of their bidet seats.

Since I had a bunch of toilets and whatnot laying around I let her choose between a roundish footprint vs a more square footprint bowl, more similar to the Stately. So I install the K-5709-0 bowl and tank and get the bidet mount set... but the bidet won't latch to the mount.. I move the mount forward and it latches but I need to move it back a ways cuz the tip of the seat over hangs the bowl by an inch.. But that is simply as far back as it goes!! Bidet seats already encroach on the total opening of the bowl.. but this is crazy. Kohlers compatibility chart indicates they should work together... but not in a really usable manner. Guess I'm glad I didn't toss out or completely dissect her old Toto Washlet.

Plus.. and I guess it was a failing on my part to keep nearly identical bowls with their plastic adapters 100% separated, but the plastic adapters that bolt to the floor, receive the waste and also bolt the toilet to the flange... They are 1/2" different.. So I set the square bowl down on the round bowls adapter and couldn't fit the bolts in to secure it.. I couldn't even measure the difference between them. But swapping them fixt it.




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I would not have guessed that they had similar adapters for those that were different lengths. Interesting.
Which Kohler bidet seat is that? I've installed a few.

By the way, a HUD outfit just told a plumber that is a drummer in my son's band, that using a sewer snake isn't a big deal for someone that has never seen one in use before. Both my son Jamie and I told him he needs to find someone to work with for at least a day or two and see how those work "in person". We recommend he ask Walt from Walt's Plumbing if he could work for free with him for a day or two. Or maybe you know of someone he could mentor from?

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