Ikea Braviken Sink - Need Specailized Plumbing?

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    The OP asked about a different strainer, a closer match to his faucet.
    ("... use a different strainer to match the finish")
    He could have that strainer replated.

    He seemed to confuse the metal strainer with the word "drain"
    ".... find a drain that will fit with the ikea pvc..." and
    "... interested in replacing the drain outright..." and
    "... looking for a replacement drain with a similar configuration to the Ikea setup, or a way to build something that will work..."

    I think the first response he got took the thread into sterile territory.
    Tons of other responses scorned the setup.
    They didn't respond to his need for a metal strainer.
    BUT the OP was dumb to go and explain the whole setup if he only wanted a strainer.
    He said "This feat is accomplished with a specialized drain strainer "
    Actually no, the feat is accomplished with a tight elbow.
    The strainer sits on top.


    An elbow under the sink drain takes the sink's waste water to the back wall, instead of the normal way of letting waste water drop in a straight line down the the P trap positioned in space directly underneath the sink drain. So, the tight elbow replaces what people normally see, a straight pipe known as the sink drain tailpiece.

    Then, when that pipe reaches the wall (and if memory serves), the Ikea setup has a few connections there, for the overflow to connect in, and maybe another inlet. This is a good thing. It allows "venting" so that drain water, when moving forward, displaces air of equal volume. This allows the drain to flow well. Then, the drain pipe goes downhill, to the P trap.

    The venting referred to here is not the venting that comes after the P trap.
    Good to know whenever you talk to others, or write about plumbing.
    After the P trap it is DWV venting, which has sewer gases and is dangerous.
    Prior to the P trap, "venting" is regular air being displaced to help the drain water get moving.
    (Some sinks without overflows drain slowly. This is why.)

    The first elbow under a drain can be a tight turn. A closet elbow and a tub shoe, under toilets and bathtubs, are tight turns. This is code.

    In the case here, it allows you to put the P trap somewhere OTHER than "directly underneath the sink drain" straight down. ADA wheelchair access plumbing is like this. If you are in a wheelchair, you wheel up to the counter and do not have to maneuver around a P trap banging into your knees. The P trap is somewhere else. The same principle allows you to have a drawer under your drain in this case.

    If anyone objects, read this nest statement: people have it drummed into them that a P trap must be positioned in space directly underneath the sink drain. This is false information. I've discussed this subject in this forum before. This is one of the few minor mistakes that Master Plumbers make sometimes.

    Hope this helps explain Godmorgon and Braviken plumbing.

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    Take it back and buy one of those bathroom lights with a single three prong receptacle in them!

    Long live IKEA!
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    The Ikea lav top installed.





  4. Terry

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    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington

    A better shot of the drain connections.
    You have 4" between the wall and the back of the drawer to work with.


    Added 8/30/2017
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    Not junk. I often install these type of IKEA sink drains with IKEA faucets too. I really like them. The plastic is heavy duty and as noted by Terry you gain alot of space for a drawer in the cabinet. Every time I get a call to install these set-ups the customer had tried to do the install themselves but because the design is so foreign to us in the USA they could not figure it out. Once you figure them out they are a piece of cake to install.

    Note that most of the IKEA vanities come with 1 1/4" compatible p-traps BUT some (including one I installed last week) have 1 1/2" compatible traps. So I recommend using an 1 1/2" trap adapter and use a reducing slip joint washer if you need 1 1/4".
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    It's been five years since the pair of IKEA BRAVIKEN were installed. I ended up using the drain system as provided by IKEA. Everything continues to work fine - no drips - cracks - flooding or horrible odors. IKEA still sells this line of sinks but has updated the RINNEN drain slightly.

    I admit to cleaning one of the horizontal pipes by detaching it scrubbing the inside - but this only took a few minutes and the part looks new again. No other special maintenance or handling during the five years.

    I was never able to find a non-IKEA strainer that would match this system.


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  7. fritz-the-cat

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    Nov 4, 2013
    seeking same Hack set up for kitchen sink . is there a 1 1/2" tub shoe or Ikea shoe (sharp 90) that can install for a kitchen sink, and place P-Trap at wall to creat under-sink space? ADA compliance is also a goal on this project. Shallow sink basket required. However, this depth may be too shalllow for any available kitchen sink basket. All tubshoes I viewed would not connect to basket without space gobbling adapters.
  8. Big Willy

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    I’ve installed tons of these for people and never had any trouble, the trap doesn’t need to be directly below the hole in the sink! Traps are located against the wall quite often and function as designed. All their plumbing matches up to standard 1-1/4” with compression fitting. Tidy and free of problems when installed properly. NO Smell!!
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