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I currently have a utility sink it my basement next to my washing machine and have been using that as the drain. I'll be honest, the utility sink was disgusting when I moved in and the legs are rusted, and the faucet is wonky (water sprays out to the sides) and I'd like to replace it, but I need help. A lot.

I had a real plumber come out and quoted me $800 to do the job. Maybe that is a fair price but if it's something I can do with some help, I'd like to give it a shot and spend that money on my kids instead.

Here we go!

The plumber was saying whoever did this is violating code. I'm trying to remember exactly what he said but it was about the size pipe the sink was draining into (1 1/2" I believe) and since the upstairs kitchen sink also drains down here into the "T" it needs to be at least 2". I can follow that.

Originally I wanted the washing machine to drain into what he called a "stand pipe" which I believe is how my old house worked and it was tucked inside the wall and had a nice and neat plastic trim. The plumber said those will eventually clog and overflow because all the lint is going out into the sewer. He said the ideal way is to drain it into the utility sink and put a lint screen on it and change that as needed. I'm slowly finishing my basement and need to continue the rigid insulation behind all this plumbing and sink anyway so I figured I would buy another new one, and replace what metal plumbing I can with PVC. He mentioned they only use Mustee brand sinks as they're really strong and not the flimsy crap most sinks are made of. Hope this all makes sense so far? I did find Mustee brand sinks at Home Depot and I see two materials, which is the better one? Will these come with any drain pieces or will I need to piece all of that together as well?

Home Depot - Structural Thermoplastic


Home Depot - Co-Polypure construction

While I don't know exactly what to buy yet, I think I understand the theory of this BUT the cast iron stuff scares me, a lot for no other reason than PVC looks easier to me to fix if I mess something up.

Let's say I cut the metal pipe coming out of the big cast iron pipe (no idea what I would cut it with but I've been gathering tools since my divorce), can I connect 2" PVC to that and then also into the vertical metal pipe going up which he believes is my kitchen sink drain? I'm a complete novice here but my kids think I'm a pro handywoman because I've done some really simple things around the house. I'd love to be able to do this and I can execute whatever the right thing to do here is with some hand holding, I think lol!

Please let me know if I can take more photos or answer any questions to help here.


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It looks like the water piping on the wall might be galvanized pipe. Galv. pipe is terminal in that it rusts out and fails. So, it should be replaced if it is.
The drainage: All so bad and no plumbing vent present so I recommend replacing starting with a new tee at slab level. This is not suitable for first time DIY.

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drain lines need replacing its bad work sure do it yourself Id say keep the money to fix the house rather than give it to the kids unless its child support you owe .maybe get them to help you . its a good size project as Breplumb said
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