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    Feb 16, 2014
    I'm building a new shower as part of my bathroom renovation. I currently have a moentrol valve, and 1 moen 3 function diverter valve. (2 distinct and 1 shared, with push/pull for on/off) The shower has shower head, hand shower, and rain shower head from ceiling. I assume I'll need to pick up one more diverter valve to make this work.

    My initial thought is to go from the moenrol to diverter A, diverting between hand shower and diverter B. With diverter B diverting the shower head and rain shower. Second thought is to tee off the moentrol to each diverter valve, with A diverting the hand shower and shower head, and B diverting the same shower head and rain shower. Either way, it sounds like it might be confusing to operate. Part of me thinks that if I need to pick up a second diverter valve anyhow, then maybe I should pick up a body spray while I'm at it, so then the third thought would be to tee off the moentrol with diverter A diverting the shower head and rain shower, diverter B diverting the hand shower and body spray.

    I'm pretty sure I don't have to flow to operate all sprays at once, but might get two going at once. I'll be using both the tub and shower ports on the moentrol for maximum flow. I'm sorta leaning towards third thought. Would it be odd to have a single body spray? It seems most "vertical spas" have multiple body sprays. It looks like Moen doesn't to offer a massaging or multi-function body spray, any recommendations on a good massaging body spray?

    Thoughts or advise? Any comments appreciated.
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    One more diverter will be needed.

    I was sent a Moen ioDigital to try out, but haven't installed it yet. I think it takes about 8.5 gallons a minute with four body sprays and one shower head. If I were to add the handheld too, I would be up to 11.0 gallons a minute. Shudder!

    That's what I get for going to a nice hotel with body sprays and thinking I would like to have the body spray thing in my home. A few days later Moen called me and offered to send me the kit. I have to be careful of the things I think about.

    Thursday I was thinking about this plumber that I hadn't seen in 35 years. I did some work for a contractor that uses him as his regular plumber. The job was a few weeks ago during the cold snap here. I mixed him up with his brother in law, same last name. I wanted to talk to him and tell him that I mixed the two of them up. But then, I hadn't seen the guy in 35 years.
    So the next day I go to a supplier, and this plumber at the counter looks and me and asks me if my last name is Love. It was the plumber that I was wanting to talk to that I hadn't seen in 35 years recognizing me! He had changed too much for me to have guessed his name. Stuff like this happens all the time for me.

    I would pick up another diverter for the third shower head. And using both the shower side and the tub side is a good idea on the Moentrol.
    I would use at least 1/2" copper, and if you use PEX, the 3/4" size.

    The Moentrol has a flow rate of 7.5gpm
    Good for three 2.5 gpm shower heads.

    The PosiTemp has a flow rate of 6.3gpm.

    You may want to ask Dana here about heat reclaim. If you have access to the waste line below the shower, you might be able to recover the heat that goes down the drain. I may pick up one of those for my shower.


    Here is one I looked at for a customer. Someone else had plumbed it in.
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