Hansgrohe iBox reno - currently 1/2 copper can I move to 1/2 PEX for all in/out with a shower and wand (both 2.5G) and retain enough pressure/volume

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We are at the point of putting together the the plumbing for the bathroom reno and I wanted to know if I can switch from the current copper 1/2" pipe over to 1/2 PEX for the hot/cold going into the iBox and the shower and wand outputs. Both shower and wand would be 2.5 GPM.

I have read various posts in here and have seen that Terry recommends going with copper but for ease of installation we thought of sticking with PEX if possible.

I had heard of the rain shower drooping so we plan to put an additional stud in the wall and drill through it so that the PEX can sit inside it and also to a stud where the shower head will screw into.

My main concern with PEX is that I can not find a copper fitting to go from 1/2 to 3/4 PEX via a sweat adapter. Brass Female Sweat Copper Adapter x 3/4 in. PEX Barb Pipe Fitting where I am located so I figured 3/4 PEX is not very suitable.

From the manual it says the following but I don't know if that is suitable for my installation of course they don't talk about that ;)

"The connections on the valve are ¾ NPT. ½ NPT lines may be used if suitable for the installation. The installer must provide ¾ - ½ adapters"

If we were to maintain copper and it says your can't sweat within 4 inches so I take it we would build the piece before with the FNTP 3/4 brass to sweat and 4" + of pipe before attaching. Ie build in the garage then fit it and put in our 90's etc to the mounting locations?

Thank you for your help.



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The iBox connections are 3/4" female. Most of the time since there is 1/2" to the old valve, I'm using male adapters that are 3/4" MIP to 1/2 sweat.
1/2" PEX should work for a shower head and hand held.

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