Slab plumbing - copper to pex A

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Good afternoon,

I am currently working on a bathroom reno that is becoming a challenge. It's a bath to shower conversion so I'm busting up the slab to replace the 1.5" copper with 2" ABS. In the process of chiseling around the drain line, I was approx 1.5" away from where the cold line poked up through the slab. I could see the approx location of where the 1/2" tee is in the dirt, below the slab. As I busted the concrete around the drain line, I hit the 1/2" copper line (luckily I had the water shut off). I capped the line and am waiting to rough in the new 2" drain line to make sure they're not running into each other. My plan is to use a sweat to pex A fitting. I'm aware fittings need to be brazed vs soldered below slab. Being that this is only being run to the shower valve (and i'll sleeve it before repairing the concrete), would it be as much of an issue to sweat the fitting in this case?

I appreciate the feedback!
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