faucet / toilet supply risers and stop valve preferences?

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    I have a few final details remaining to finish up my master bathroom remodel. Faucet / toilet risers and stop valves come in several varieties and I'm wondering if there is a clear preference in the trade for one type over another. I have the following options available to me at the store:

    risers: chrome plated copper tube, pex tube, or braided hose (both steel braid and polymer braid). Is one riser type preferred over another? I was leaning toward the copper thinking it's stronger and that once it's installed you'd rarely need to mess with it.

    stop valves: sweat, compression, or push-connect (aka shark-bite). Is one stop-valve type preferred over another? I was leaning toward the compression stop valve because I'm concerned about the possibility of loosening the joint just behind the sheetrock in the soldering process and I don't know much about the push-connect valve's reliability (compression and sweat valves have been around and working reliably much longer).
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    Many faucets come with their supply lines already attached, so you may not need to address that. I'd use 1/4-turn, compression stops.
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  4. jimbo

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    Ask a dozen plumbers and you will get two dozen different preferences. Good theory about the solid copper, but that takes a little more skill, often need an expensive tube bender, etc. And it can be knocked out of wack by an errant vacuum cleaner, etc! I lean towards the polymer braided myself, but that is just me. Everyone has their fav.

    I suggest compression valves. Others will say threaded or sweat.
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