Dual Aerator Tanks. 1 HP Pump in between water is hammering?

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Hello I desperately want to get the water clean and working at my house. I have come up with a system to use two aerator tanks. The first is working well and getting water from my flow well which shuts off the well when the first aerator fills up and is shut off with a float valve. The configuration then has a 1 1/2 pipe going to a 1 hp pump that outputs to a 1 inch line which then goes through a sediment filter and a 1 micron filter that is 20 inches x 4.5inchs then is injected with peroxide via a check valve fitting and then goes into the second tank via a pipe with sprinkler nozzles. My problem is here:

Every time I turn on the pump between the aerators the contact switch goes crazy back and forth and i shut off the system. WHY IS IT DOING THIS - I HAVE NO CHECK VALVES OR ANY OTHER ITEMS IN THE FLOW PATH????

1) Am i using too large a pump? the house pump from the second aerator works well through the same filter setup and is a 1hp too. I wanted to match them both on the panel with breakers opposite one another.

2) Should I use a pool pump instead of a pressure switch well pump and pig tail it off a 240 float switch?
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