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Hi, was seriously wanting to try one of these for the convenience bathroom in my unfinished basement. However, due to access & in wall situation I need a right hand lever. I only see it available in standard height. Puzzled as would think could just put a right hand tank on the universal height bowl? Since they offer a right hand tank with the standard why couldn't that be paired with a universal height toilet? If such is available could you give me the coding for it?

There are more expensive models but that is as high as want to go for that bathroom. Layout of this bath is ADA thus desire for the right side handle. Its not required but its the only on level entrance to the house & might be turned into a studio apt for friends or relatives in the future. Know if go inexpensive now just get the job done could upgrade when necessary.

If could live with the handle on the left is there enough room to route supply line behind from the right to left? Then the burning question is ...is the Drake 776 w 1.6 (preference) that much better than the Entrada CST244EFR (1.2)? Couldn't find the 244 on list maP 1000+.

Do most toilets have enough clearance in back to route supply line from right to the left? If so might just go with something grab at box store. Just needing a bathroom so can occupy the house while finish out the rest.

Are there other options besides Toto with RH & good flush in same $ range? Kinda striking out with the box stores since RH models also need to be ordered so going direct internet works best for me anyway.

oh, side question. Entrada, can you hold the handle down for a longer flush?

12" rough so no issue in that regard.


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The new Drake comes standard with left hand handle, or you can get the optional right hand handle too.


Tanks for this come in E 1.28 and S 1.60 depending on the state you're in. Even the 1.28 gets 1,000 grams on the flush test.
And if you hold the handle down, way more than that.
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