Drain back / bleeder orifice tee and well pipe

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I have read a bunch of the posts including the one regarding check valves. - Submersible Pumps and multiple check valves?

I am currently in the process of replacing a submersible well pump from the previous owner that went was installed with PVC as the drop pipe and had a check valve right above the pump in addition to one near the pitless adapter. They installed without a bleeder orifice tee, though multiple install guides I see suggest that one a [bleed orifice] should be installed with check valve near the pitless adapter.

I plan to just go with a single continuous run of poly pipe between submersible pump and pitless adapter, per the previous recommendations in that thread by @Valveman and @Speedbump.

My question though is that as I am forgoing the check valve (sans the one built into the pump), do I need to think about a drain back valve/bleed orifice? Presumably not, as it would normally be located below the check valve, but I wanted to double check.

I do have a bladder tank, so presumably, I wouldn't want one anyways, right?


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