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    Nov 29, 2008
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    My 1960s home has two chimneys where the previous owner seemed to re-stucco both chimneys for appearance right before we bought the house. On the furnace chimney, the stucco has fallen off. I had a few chimney companies come out for estimates and they are recommending to install a new stainless steel liner for $1,200. Is that a good price?

    Also, they plan to chip off all cement from the furnace chimney and apply a "duro-seal" stucco. They say this "duro-seal" does not require wire to be placed around the chimney which the previous owner seemed to cut out in the face-lift. They seemed to just apply mortar around the chimney. They are offering a 10 year warranty on this product. Has anyone heard of this "duro-seal"?

    Finally, the cement surrounding the fireplace chimney is still looking good but they are recommending to spray a water sealant type from to prevent any cracking since they believe that there is no wire behind the existing cement based on the furnace chimney. They are offering a 7 year warranty on that application. Has anyone heard of this chimneysaver? Will it work? I'm afraid in a year or two, my chimney cement will fall off too so why not stop it before it gets there.

    Please comment since I know nothing about chimneys and I dont want to get ripped off...Thank you!
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