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    am interested in purchasing a Caroma toilet and have learned it doesn't have a glazed trap way. Some experts say this is a must. What is your opinion regarding the glazed trapway? Also in learning about the Caroma toilet I have read feedback from people who have installed it. One thing they have stated is the toilet doesn't sit level and they have to caulk a ¼" gap around the toilet. Is this normal or does it have to do with the way the toilet is installed.

    I have also research the Toto Aquia toilet. What is your opinion regarding this toilet as compared to the Caroma Caravelle? I have also read that the Toto is difficult to install and problems occur if installing on a tile floor. What has been your experience regarding this matter?
    I appreciate your time to answer my questions. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Joel H
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    The Aquia requires you drill some holes in the floor to anchor it, so, yes, it is more involved than just bolting a toilet down to the existing flange. If you have the right bit, it's not a big deal, but it does take longer. Also, since the base is skirted, the location of the water supply tends to be further off the centerline than "standard" toilets. Some shutoffs will fit in a more traditional position, some won't.

    The Aquia is a dual flush toilet. Caroma isn't (as I understand it). Both are considered low-flow. Another one to consider is the Toto EcoDrake...a 1.28g flush, and different bowl wash than the original Drake (I put in two of these at my mother's house). There are lots of opinions here...just use the search function - you'll have an afternoon of reading.
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  4. Terry

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    Aug 17, 2004
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    A dual flush toilet.
    The round bowl is 28-1/4" long.
    Good quality and good flush.
    I haven't had installation problems with these.
    I've never had anyone say that the trapway was an issue.
    They don't plug.
    The part that is exposed from above is all glazed.
    Farther down the line, you will be encountering unglazed piping.
    The Caroma has two installation styles,
    The 305 bowl mounts like a standard toilet. It needs at least 11-3/4" for the rough-in
    The 270 bowl mounts using an adapter, that can swivel between 11-3/4" and 10-0"
    The shutoff needs to be 3" to the left of center or more. It can't be right behind the bowl.
    The Caroma trapway will work with larger than nomal "media" for those with medical issues.

    Also a dual flush toilet
    The Elongated bowl is 27-1/4" long
    Installation takes about 1/2 hour longer.
    Good quality and good flush
    Needs at least 11-3/4" for the rough-in
    The shutoff needs to be 3" to the left of center or more.
    It can't be right behind the bowl.

    Of the two, I lean towards the Aquia.
    I prefer an elongated bowl, the compact size, and how it looks.
    I prefer the flush too.
    It takes longer to install, but is so nice when installed.
    Someone with medical issues, my want to look at the Caroma.
    Either one is a good choice though.
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