wet venting

  1. A

    Shop bathroom with washer

    Hey guys, I’m adding a new bathroom with washer and dryer in my shop. I’ve attached the drawing. Washer first then vanity then toilet last is shower. Where should I place wet venting. I was thinking at the lav? But not sure if I need to add one more where the shower at. Thanks for your help
  2. N

    Question about venting underground fixtures for a new basement full bath

    I live in a 2-story single family house in Wisconsin that has a full basement below grade. I am adding a new full bath in the basement and there was no rough-in done earlier. There are two 3” drain stacks that come down into the basement from the upper floors. Notice in the picture below, the...
  3. Brian Nagy

    Draining bathroom group into one vertical stack (UPC)

    I'm converting a small home office space in my house into a second bathroom for my mom. There's only one configuration possible for the fixtures in the space and only one non-structural partition wall through which I can run a 2" vent up from the crawlspace. The 3" building drain runs...
  4. Vinoi Skaria

    2015 IPC Circuit Venting Clarifications

    I have a couple of questions regarding circuit venting. 1. Can circuit venting be used on a commercial kitchen grease-laden line? The IPC does not say that you cannot do this, but most figures I've seen only applies circuit venting to restroom applications. 2. If you are utilizing circuit...
  5. Sergio D

    Bathtub drain and vent question

    I am adding in a new tub/shower and I am dealing with a tight space. I have a drain below I can tie into and a vent in the wall I can connect to. I am wondering if both or at least 1 of my designs are allowed. I believe option 1 makes it a wet vent, I'm just not sure if I'm allowed to use a...
  6. Peteman

    New Bathroom Sink - Tap Into Toilet Vent?

    Hello Everyone - I have a bathroom in my basement but it is just a toilet. I'd like to add a sink but am not too excited about bashing up concrete to tie into main drain line. I had the city inspector over for a new hot water heater inspection and asked him about tapping into the existing...
  7. spidey417

    Bathroom DWV question

    Hi, first time poster! I've learned alot about plumbing here about using proper fittings such as long sweep elbows and combo wye's. I've attached a diagram of the two bathrooms I'm remodeling at my home and wanted to know if the Master WC and Hallway Tubs are considered wet vented here...
  8. Sanders H.

    Bathroom Remodel = How to Wet Vent via Concrete slab with existing drains

    Hello to all, I just realized I may have put this in the wrong forum...Any assistance would be appreciated. I am in a pickle in what do to about the wet venting in my small bathroom remodel, where I am turning (at the behest of the other) a room which had a double sink vanity, toilet and...
  9. Sanders H.

    Bathroom changes / Wet Venting via a Slab

    Hello to all, First thing: As many have stated, I myself have been hovering on this site on and off for the last few years digesting the appreciative knowledge and fixing a few things along the way. Now, I find myself in a pickle in what do to about the wet venting in my small bathroom...
  10. NCBubby

    Wet Venting for Dummies

    Holy Cow today has been a total head scratcher! Props to everything that you professional (and amateur) plumbers have to go thru. I have racked my brain all day today trying to figure out this wet vent and I have to admit defeat. Any advice y’all can give to this newbie will be greatly...
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