Adding mosquito repellant into sprinkler system help plz

Discussion in 'Irrigation / Sprinkler Forum' started by tduke, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. tduke

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    Nov 1, 2017
    Los Angeles, CA
    Hi there,

    I have a Lawn Genie system which runs on Rain Dial timer (see attached). I have lots of mosquitos (I believe due to the sprinklers system) and I'd like to add some Pest Repellant into the irrigation system so that it is applied to the lawn every time the sprinklers water the garden/grass.. How may I go about applying the liquid into the sprinkler system?

    Thanks so much!

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  2. Smooky

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    Apr 4, 2011
    North Carolina
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  4. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    I hope you have a good back flow preventer on that system.
    I wouldn't want my neighbors injecting something like that into my water supply.
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  5. WorthFlorida

    WorthFlorida The wife is still training me.

    Oct 28, 2009
    Orlando, Florida
    NO NO NO, pesticides can never be sprayed by any irrigation system. The web site referenced is for all natural products. Garlic will not kill mosquitoes. You're asking for trouble should someone get in contact with the chemical or inhale it. If you read the labels on any herbicides or pesticides, it will state not to be used with irrigation systems. They can be sprayed with the proper spraying equipment and calibrations. If you ever take a certification class for a limited pesticide/herbicide licence, as I have, it is taught on how to read labels and calibrate equipment.

    Mosquitoes breed in standing water (storm drain is one place). If your irrigation system is causing puddling then you're watering too often or too long. Cut back on the watering or turn it off completely. If you should run the irrigation system to just keep the grass from getting too dry, I doubt your irrigation it is the cause for your mosquitoes problem.
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  6. Magna111

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    Oct 28, 2017
    New Jersey
    Around here, those valves were commonly used in lieu of backflow preventers.
  7. dj2

    dj2 In the Trades

    Aug 13, 2013
    "I'd like to add some Pest Repellant into the irrigation system so that it is applied to the lawn every time the sprinklers water the garden/grass."

    Don't do that.

    To eliminate mosquitoes,
    1. get rid of any little swamp of water, which are the breeding pools for them.
    2. use a hand held pump sprayer with the right mix of pesticide.
    3. For lawns, use repellents you spread on top of the lawn. Follow the instructions on the label.
    4. or call a pest control company.
  8. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona
    IF they use those valves, and want to use a 'injector' they would need a system for EVERY zone after the valves.
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