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    I have a '96 Gerber thats original to my powder room, home was built in '96. I don't know what the model is, inside the tank it's stamped 28790 and 1.6 i'm assuming it's a 1.6 gallon. In any case it performs very poorly, requiring 2-3 flushes, if you don't flush incrementally and try to flush once after business is done it will clog. I will replace with a Toto after x-mass recovery occurs. Inside the tank (new fluidmaster fill valve and flapper) there is a large plastic cylinder that surrounds the overflow tube. Is this cylinder how they made it a 1.6 gal flush? If I were to take a snips and cut a deep v notch maybe 4-5 inches deep down from the top of this cylinder would this allow more of the tanks water to reach the flush valve affording me a more powerful flush? Also, the water spot seems entirely to small. I need to get a few more months out of this thing.

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    First thing I'd try is to just hold the handle down until the tank is empty and see what happens. As to the water spot, unless you have a bad fill valve, or one not designed for it, the bowl is probably what it is. Take a bucket and slowly add water to the bowl. If it goes up and stays up, the fill valve isn't balanced to provide the needed bowl fill. If it never rises, or doesn't stay up, that's the way it is and nothing you can do will cause it to rise.
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  4. johnjh2o1

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    Aug 9, 2009
    That was one of Gerber's first attempts at 1.6 gal. flush. It was never that good. If you cut the bucket out you will get a better flush with a lot more water. OK for a temporary fix but suggest you replace it as soon as possible.

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