wet vent design

  1. N

    Another Vent Question

    I've scoured the forum and did not seem to find the exact answer to this question. We are doing a poolhouse and here is my proposed setup. I see that a bathroom group can have a wet vent in place to service that group (sink, toilet, shower). In the very next room, I have a washer that will...
  2. A

    Bathroom drain and venting help

    Hello all, I was hoping I could get some help nailing down my bathroom plumbing: After demo, I see that the shower was essentially an s trap for drainage: It had the p trap connected directly to the shower as expected however the trap arm had a 90 down to the horizontal drain (it actually had...
  3. PlumbHomebody

    Wet venting lav and shower with dry vent downstream toilet Oregon

    Just checking if folks think my plumbing plan will work. I am in Oregon and under UPC 2021. Adding a kitchenette and bath to shop. I need a minimum 3” vent exiting from roof according to my understanding so what I am planning to do is to wet vent the bath lav and shower together and then...
  4. Oswald Tay

    Help with wet vent with toilet and shower!

    Hi, I am relatively new to plumbing, and I am simply wondering it the design in the picture below is acceptable in terms of venting and wet venting? I am renovating an old basement half bathroom. The drain for the sink is already taken care of, but I am just not sure about the drainage and...
  5. Dan Park

    Wet venting a Gerberit inwall toilet with sink drain

    Hello folks Here's my setup for wet venting an inwall toilet by Gerberit in a master bathroom. 3in for the toilet is coming down going into a wye with a 2in wet vent/drain for the bath sink. Off the sink drain wall Tee, there will be a 1.5in vent to the sky. From the toilet 90 to the wet vent...
  6. Stereo

    Vertical drop of a horizontal wet vent waste line

    Our code is 2018 IRC. I am remodeling to add two back-to-back bathrooms which will drain and vent through a straight horizontal wet vent/drain. I am clear about all the requirements/restrictions except one. Can I drop the horizontal vent/drain vertically? The line will, of course, drop 1/4” per...
  7. Cody Lohse

    Attic full bath with wet vent - UPC

    Hello, This form is awesome so thanks for that. I am remodeling my 1938 1 1/2 story in MN and adding a bathroom with a Lav, WC and Shower. I've been going around in circles trying to get the plumbing for this bath figured out. I finally might have a solution but wanted to get some feedback if...
  8. Roger987

    Wet vent design; connecting to existing CI under IPC

    I am in Rhode Island which applies the IPC. My questions concern a remodel of 2 bathroom groups on the same floor, and specifically the best connection point to an existing 4" CI drain. The first attached image shows a plan view of the proposed fixtures ( 2 lavs, a tub/shower and a WC), and the...
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