washing machine

  1. B

    Clean water backing up after shower

    I am a new homeowner with a small leak/backup problem. Not sure which. Shower on second floor, washing machine in basement. Observed small amounts of water on basement floor (less then 8 fl oz) two successive days, but did not observe why. Not sure if foundation leaking (although has not been...
  2. Retthood

    Upstairs laundry room drain/vent?

    Hello, I recently purchased a new home with un upstairs laundry room. The moving company hooked up the washer and said it was good to go. It wasn't, and they stripped the attachment, which caused a slow leak. Fortunately, the washer had a drip pan, but it overflowed and the water made its way...
  3. Caryncbreeef

    Washing machine trap question. Shower drain question

    When rough plumbing (IPC) a washer does the trap need to be one with a plug cleanout or compression fitting instead of glued? I read the code but not sure. I will have a T cleanout on the vent line Quick question about shower pan drain. My unit came with one of those 2 inch drains that...
  4. Jason8383

    Washing Machine drains in bathtub drain, is my diagram correct?

    Hello, So currently live in Canada and have been reading a lot on the forum concerning the installation of bathroom washing machines plumbing installs I intend to drain the water from the washing machine using the bathtub drain and thought I would get all of your comments. So here is a...
  5. seeker407

    Drain WM (w/ air gap) to kitchen sink or tub?

    Greetings, I have two ideas, seeking feedback: IDEA 1: drain WM into sink and monitor with 90 gallons of reserve capacity standing by IDEA 2: drain WM into 84 gallon tub... both ideas would use a mesh over the drain to prevent debris going down the drain. My questions: 1. Will I overflow my...
  6. buzzdriving

    Compact format water softener

    I rent an apartment in Santiago, Chile where the water is very hard. For the last few years, I've been using the building's laundry on the ground floor but this costs a fortune over the long run and is frankly a ballache when you're on the 12th floor. A colossal waste of time. Not to mention the...
  7. Antlerman

    Best Washing Machine & Laundry Tub Pump?

    I'm going to be helping my son work on a duplex he is purchasing that has a bad setup for washing machine draining - BOTH apartments drain their washing machines AND laundry tubs into the sump pump basin. It smells bad and, most likely, will cause the motor on the sump pump to fail...
  8. Seneca Lake Monster

    Improper Venting of Laundry Tray/Sump Pump System & Misc

    Greetings, Firstly I appreciate any and all professional advice that anyone here can provide. I read another thread on a similar topic a few weeks ago, and the original poster seemed to sustain an adversarial posture despite (and in spite of) the sound recommendations of the professionals on...
  9. handywill

    Basement washing machine vent question

    Hello, I am finishing my basement and have a question about how to vent a washer. I have a washer going in about 12 feet from the main soil stack (cast iron, goes into floor, not “hung”), which I had a plumber put in a place that I can connect to with 2” PVC a while ago. The stack has various...
  10. A Bavier

    Bath Tub Trap sucked dry from washing machine. Fix? Pics included.

    I live in WI, in a very small town. Thanks for any wisdom you could pass to me. I'm fairly handy, but this is the deepest plumbing project I've every considered doing. I would like to fix the multitude of problems with this 1.5" PVC pipe that is highlighted in the following picture in orange...
  11. davearonson

    Washing machine hose length?

    Our washing machine has a hose that comes out the bottom back, goes over to the sink, drapes into the sink, and is then long enough that the filter on the end (like a mesh sock) is laying down in the sink and getting moldy. We're thinking of cutting it short so that the filter dangles like it...
  12. bexbex

    Help Novice with Cabin Waste Lines

    Hi everyone, Total novice lady plumber here. My 500 sq foot cabin is in a remote area and all the waste lines run in a TINY crawlspace, I couldn't get a plumber to come out and do this job so I'm taking a crack at it myself. I am enjoying this process and don't mind redoing some of this if I...
  13. Nes3p

    Tankless Water Heater ruining appliances and clogging pipes!

    Hello. We installed an electric tankless water heater a couple of years back. Ever since, we have had to occasionally take the hose off the back of the washing machine (stops getting hot water to it) and clean it out as it has become clogged with sediment/scales or whatever it is . Our shower...
  14. KingPEX

    Adding Standpipe to existing Drain and Vent

    Greetings, So, I'm tired of the small laundry sink clogging when the washer discharges. In the picture you can see the discharge hose on the right hanging over the sink. I'd like to add a Stand Pipe. Can I add to the drain running to the left of the sink? The sink is trapped under it. The...
  15. divinemissem

    Washing Machine Drain

    I just moved into a duplex from an apartment and the washer/dryer is set up in the basement. Today, I went to run a cycle just with an appliance cleaning powder (LemiShine) and monitored it closely. I've never had this kind of washer before, so I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing. As...
  16. Vdawg

    Washing machine valve movement

    Hi, I have a house built in 2013, and although I normally didn't use the washing machine valves to turn off the water in the past, I did recently when replacing the hoses. I noticed at that time that entire hot water valve body rotates about 15-20 degrees when turning the valve on and off, and...
  17. tustind

    Connecting Washing Machine Branch to Existing Drain Cleanout in Basement

    Hi all, I have a 3 family building and there are existing hookups for washers and dryers in the basement for each unit. However the currently drain into the sump -- which goes out the window! They are not in use for this reason. I want to drain the machines properly, but due to their location...
  18. DannyDan

    New washer gurgling when draining

    I just had a new washing machine installed and it's making a gurgling sound when it's draining (the previous one didn't do this). Any idea what could be causing this? Wondering if it's normal, easy fix or whether I should call the installers back...
  19. John Bush

    Adding Washing Machine Standpipe in Basement

    Right now, my washing machine in the basement drains into one of those very old, super-heavy concrete utility sinks. The sink is starting to crack and leaking more often, it often clogs with the lint from the washer, and we're tired of switching out the mesh sock covers. I want to put in a...
  20. Travis Heinicke

    Vent requirements for sump/pump floor mounted assembly

    Issue resolved
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