1. Mike Magee

    Clothes washer waste question

    So clearly from what we can see here this does not appear to be compliant, what gives be pause is the fact that the connections for the clothes washers are not trapped, makes me wonder if perhaps there is a trap and vent below grade, if that were the case, would this be any different than...

    Sins of plumbers past

    Hi all, I recently had a leak in a shower which I believe to be from missing grout (and apparently a missing liner in the shower pan. With no membrane present, you get an idea of the quality of install. While hunting for the leak, I exposed the drain from below and found this: What may...
  3. seeker407

    Drain WM (w/ air gap) to kitchen sink or tub?

    Greetings, I have two ideas, seeking feedback: IDEA 1: drain WM into sink and monitor with 90 gallons of reserve capacity standing by IDEA 2: drain WM into 84 gallon tub... both ideas would use a mesh over the drain to prevent debris going down the drain. My questions: 1. Will I overflow my...
  4. jordanbailey13

    Drain problem for freestanding tub install

    I'm installing a freestanding tub in my basement (on a concrete slab). The tub comes with an ABS expansion joint in order to drop the tub down and connect to the trap and also has clearance for an above floor rough in. In the spot that I want the bathtub to be, I can't use a traditional waste...
  5. Dhoerl

    Toilet bowl trap plug?

    I've got a toilet with a water ring - actually a ring of lime. What I'd like to do is plug the trap, so I can get the water level above the trap and pour in a gallon of vinegar. Is there a trap plug I can buy? Or should I just get a large spongey material and stuff it in a plastic bag...
  6. JSA112233

    Plumbing a tub. Can I do this?

    New-ish diyer here. Im wondering if i can do this for my bathtub drain. I know there needs to be a vent after the trap to prevent a siphon from forming and pulling the water out of the trap. I am confined to a small area and the vent cant really be placed anywhere else. Im wondering if i can do...
  7. Made in USA

    Trapped by my trap

    Hi, I am installing my drains under my vanities in my new house. I ran into this problem with this bath sink. The drain connection in the wall is too low. What can I do to get this trap connected? I dont want to lower the trap as it will show because there is no cabinet door. Also I would like...
  8. Mike Magee

    SanitaS Trap, How does it work

    MEP engineer here came across one of these traps on a jobsite, just curious if anyone has a cut-away, or can describe how they work. I have only seen photos of the jobsite so far, but there does not appear to be a vent.
  9. Diego

    Water not flowing once I put the trap part on the sink pipes, help?

    I live in an apartment and I really would like to not call my landlord for this problem. Days ago the sink began to drain water very slowly, until yesterday it kinda stopped draining it. I tried lots of grease cleaners, removed all pipes and cleaned them and they dont seem like the problem. When...
  10. pedge

    Smelly sink/vent

    I have a little sink with very tight clearances and several months after the completed house I noticed a foul smell and traced it to a small sink in a small bathroom. The plumber suggested I put a p trap in the wall in addition to the bottle trap on the sink. I have isolated the smell to this...
  11. willard f

    Lennox Furnace Condensate Trap Leak - Need help

    Hello, I have a Lennox G51MP Furnace. I recently noticed the condensate trap is leaking. I am pretty sure it is Lennox drain trap Cat # : 61M35 | Model/Part #: LB-96382A. The leak (just a slight but constant drip) is located where the pvc meets the trap's drain stub (at least that what I think...
  12. Martin Semelak

    How to tell a shower has properly instaled drain & trap? (picture included)

    Hello, I'm no pro so sorry if there are any mistakes in terminology. I'm about to rent an old house in Norway. The shower there looks as terrible as the smell which comes from the drain. The sink and toilet are ok. Could you please advise if the drain in the picture looks altight and if the...
  13. Gogiorgio

    No plumber can tell me what this is?!

    I bought this house 3 years ago. The house was built in 1962. The previous owner of the house lived here for 30 years she didn't know what it was. It's some sort of cast iron basin/trap that is not connected to my ejector pit or my sump pump. When it rains hard it starts to fill up, both areas...
  14. jibit3

    Bathtub Trap?

    I bought a foreclosed home about a year ago that is less then five years old. The previous owner demo'd the tub-shower, but never finished the job. I'm in the process of renovating and had a few questions. 01) In newer homes, could the trap be located further down the line from the fixture...
  15. John Conti

    Lots of Metal in a PVC P trap

    Hi All, I am installing a new shower using the not so old existing PVC P trap. The P trap is in the perfect position so I am able to tie into it with no issues. However I found the P trap contained lots of debris. The usual hair which I cleaned out but I also found a significant amount of...
  16. SWB

    Garbage disposal / P-Trap Mismatch

    I have a similar (but not identical) problem to one I've seen discussed here a number of times. I installed a newer (deeper) kitchen sink, and now my garbage disposal is lower. Most of the posts I've seen on this are from people whose disposal is now lower than their drain outlet, and the three...
  17. GeorgeH

    Do drains leading into lift pump need vents and traps

    My main sewer drain exits the house at about 5 feet above basement floor. There are four drains in the basement (floor drain, laundry sink, washing machine drain, and a pipe that sticks about one foot out of the floor) All of these lead to a pit outside the house (several feet below basement...
  18. dnblknp

    Distance from tub outlet to P-trap

    Hi All, I am working on design for a bathroom remodel in a high-rise residential condo in San Francisco and our client would like to add a freestanding soaking tub to the master bathroom. Cutting/coring an opening in the slab is not an option due to restrictions from the building, so we are...
  19. nukie

    Is it okay to offset the trap this much?

    I'm working in a super tight spot with a cement foundation wall, a doorway and floor joists in the way, so I needed to offset the bathtub trap about a foot using long 90 degree 1 1/2" elbows. I have it dry venting 45 degrees out of a cutout in the foundation wall, because I don't think venting...
  20. Brewer Sands

    Shower P-Trap Above Unheated Garage

    I've worked my way through the posts on supply piping to above garage rooms, and will be running the pipes through the heated envelope, but haven't seen much on dealing with shower traps in (insulated) joist bays above an unheated garage (in Ontario, Canada). I was hoping to have get some...
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