shower valve

  1. Pepitumbrunom

    American Standard Amarilis Shower Valve Cover/Ring Removal

    Hi, I'm wondering how to remove the valve cover/ring - not sure that's the right name - on this AS Amarilis Series Shower Hot/Cold water handles. (This is a three handle shower.) Please look at the yellow highlighted ring. It has outer and inner thread, but no real way to undo it. The valve...
  2. Terry

    Leonard Shower Valve

    Leonard Shower Valve, looks to be thermostatic. PHDL-L3015 handle P050-4001K
  3. Terry

    Symmons Safety Mix Visu-Temp shower valve

    Symmons Safety Mix Visu-Temp shower valve
  4. Rmk9785e

    Choosing shower control valve

    I'm about to redo the shower enclosure and am thinking of replacing the 15 years old control valve. We would like to be able to control both the water volume & temperature and optionally have a handheld shower wand with its own shutoff. Recommendations for valve and trim are appreciated.
  5. 1woody

    Phister shower valve in trailer

    How do I get the single handle shower valve removed in A 1982 mobile home? These newer shower valves you simply remove the handle, take two screws off the face plate, then take fasteners off the valve itself. I however can't even get my face plate off because it doesn't have screws in it. I...
  6. Inexperienced Homeowner

    Pulse ShowerSpas, Unknown Shower Valve/Trim

    Hi there! My wife and I recently bought our first detached home! We bought a Moen Trim Kit for our upstairs bathroom, however, when the plumber we hired to install it (among many other things) came to do the work, he said he could not install it because he has never seen this valve before...
  7. crazee_an

    Help ID shower valves, please

    Hi, we recently bought a house where the bathrooms were remodeled 4 years back. All bathroom fixtures are in chrome finish, and we are looking to replace them with nickel finish. We are looking for help in IDing the two shower valves (one is Grohe, the other is Delta), and any info on how do we...
  8. Girafdaniels

    Solve a water hammer upstream?

    My upstairs shower has an annoying water hammer issue when turning the water on/off “upstream” of the shower. For example, when water is turned on/off for the faucet (or toilet) in the same bathroom, the shower will “knock” right at the valve. I’ve been able to ensure that the valve itself (and...
  9. Glenn Pohly

    Price Pfister Flow-Matic, Help identifying older shower ball valve

    I am remodeling a 50-year old house in Southern California. One bathroom has an older ball valve I cannot identify. The valve does not leak so I suspect was rebuilt or even replaced one or more times over its life. The faceplate and ball were inadvertently thrown away with other demolition...
  10. Kirk Zimpel

    Trying to remove this collar from Moen valve stem to get wall plate off

    I have been trying to identify from millions of videos how to take apart this exact Moen shower collar so I can remove the base place and install a new trim kit. Is this collar connected to the stem? I don't see a hex nut or pin holding it together. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  11. Casualfc

    Shower Handle turns, and I hear water but nothing comes out of the shower

    I have a stall shower (no tub faucet) in an area of my house that doesn't get much use. The shower has its own shutoff valves due to no heat in the winter (converted garage bathroom, I'm in New Jersey). Recently when I tried turning the shower on, I heard the water in the pipes, but nothing...
  12. Teresa

    My Shower won't turn off.

    Hello, I'm a DIY person and I'm having trouble turning off my water to my shower head. My problem started when I was cleaning the shower. I knocked the shower arm and the arm started leaking. I turn off the water and removed the threads with a nipple extractor. Replaced the shower arm and...
  13. gofordavidg

    Valley, Unknown shower valve and cartridge

    Hi everyone I am currently trying to help my mother with a leaky shower. It's a one handle shower with no spout. From all the videos it sounds like I just need to change the cartridge; however, there are no identifying marks on the valve or on any of the products inside the valve. I've taken...
  14. gofordavidg

    Valley? Help Identifying shower valve

    Hi everyone I am currently trying to help my mother with a leaky shower. It's a one handle shower with no spout. From all the videos it sounds like I just need to change the cartridge; however, there are no identifying marks on the valve or on any of the products inside the valve. I've taken...
  15. MMNN

    1/2 vs 3/4 rough valves for shower (in California)

    Hello, The thermostatic shower trim (and also sink wall-mounted faucet) I’m interested in come with the option for 1/2” or 3/4” NPT roughs/valves. Since California requires max 1.8 GPM for showers plus only one-function at a time diverting, would the 1/2” rough be sufficient? Is there any...
  16. Steve Garson

    Delta Shower Valve won't go higher than 80 degrees

    My contractor built a new bathroom, but we can't get the shower water hotter than 80 degrees, despite a water temp of 120. I have adjusted the hot limit plastic stop to the max, to no avail. I then removed the cartridge and turned on the water, with shower door closed. The two springs and...
  17. Lilylu

    How to remove shower valve?

    I'm trying to increase the water temperature for my shower. I have a JPI shower valve and cannot figure out how to remove it . The valve has no holes or screws on it.
  18. Peter Dim

    Crooked Valve - How Did This Happen??

  19. The Update Plate

    The Update Plate. Converting three handles to one. Repair plate for tub and shower valves

    Terry. Thank You for letting me post this information about this product that I have developed. At this point it is my intention to just make as many plumbers and experienced handymen aware of the product. It will be available online shortly and I hope to get it into plumbing supply houses...
  20. Pacifi

    What went wrong here?

    Help please!! Found a leak in the water supply pipe joint (cpvc to copper), leaking into the interior of wall behind the shower panel. Please see video of leaking joint here: I should add the leak has been stopped. But I am...
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