1. Czm

    Rinnai Tankless Water Heater issues?

    I’ve had issues with my Rinnai water heater for the past month. The water was taking a while to heat up and I knew it was time to descale the unit. I got a plumbing company to come and they said the same thing but quoted me $700 to descale/flush and change the check valve. I decided to descale...
  2. jmdeacon

    Rinnai v65 no hot water when second cold faucet open

    I have had a Rinnai v65 for years. I just replaced it with a brand new one because I kept having problems with cold water during showers. It worked fine as long as the only water running was the shower. If the toilet was flushed or the kitchen sink with even just cold water was on, it would...
  3. Nhandojo

    Rinnai I-series tankless combi intermittent E430

    Hello, I have a fairly new (~8 months old) Rinnai that just recently started throwing E430 (low/high water pressure error). This happens intermittently when there's a demand for DHW or CH. It can be reset and the unit would work again for a few hours and then would error out again when there's...
  4. Joegambler0

    Professional DIY advice for new built

    Hi everyone, Going to move soon from FL to Costa Rica and build an off grid Quonset hut. Looking for expert opinions on my choices of plumbing supplies that I am taking with me for the plumbing system. I am in maintenance now and want a good, least trouble free and long lasting system. Rinnai...
  5. cTogar

    Rinnai - Cold Water Sandwich when recirc is on

    Hi - we have a Rinnai Tankless, RUR98i, installed as part of a new build. It has the recirculation feature, which we have been told should give us instant hot water and avoid a cold water sandwich. Since we've moved in, we've experienced the following - When the recirc is on, we do get...
  6. Cfesting

    Rinnai exhaust inspection / flame issues

    Hello, all - Having an issue or two with my Rinnai, and need a little advice. My Rinnai is vented with a noncondensing ubbink immediate 90 out the exterior wall that it's mounted on. My question: How do you remove the 90 to inspect / clean the exhaust? I'm not finding enough flex / wiggle...
  7. djmano

    Is burner cleaning something I should have done?

    I have a Rinnai RL75 tankless. My service guy told me I should get a burner cleaning done soon (unit is about 7 years old now). His minimum service call is about ~$200 so just wanted to ask if it's worth the money or if it's just an upsell. Thanks in advance for your time.

    No circulation after reaching op. temp

    Forgive me if this has been addressed elsewhere; I did a cursory search but didn't see anything helpful. I have Rinnai - 69K BTU - 95.5% AFUE - Combi Gas Boiler - Direct Vent (Model: E75CN) water-heater for my radiant heating system (and domestic hot water). When the thermostat calls for heat...
  9. John Schneider

    Rinnai Humming

    I have a 12 year old Rinnai R94-LSi tankless water heater that has recently started humming. This only happens when first turning on the hot water full blast in a shower and stops after about 30-45 seconds. I wouldn't think its any kind of build-up in the pipes in the unit, as I do the vinegar...
  10. Leonard Bayard

    Short acid neutralizer life

    I have a Navien NHB-150 boiler and have been going through neutralizer at a fairly fast clip. My plumber installed a Saniflo sanicondens and it used up the round granules in about two weeks. I switched the granules to the Rinnai rocks (about 2lbs) and that only lasted just over a month. The ph...
  11. CarterM

    Rinnai E110CP on Generator Power

    I bought a 11kWH Wen Generator and my uncle who is an electrician wired up a connect from the outside of my house into the panel using an interlock switch. I tested the generator last night and it powers what I need it to. Some lights, refrigerator, well pump and almost the water heater. The...
  12. Michael Lance

    Rinnai R75LSi Error Code 11/12

    I have a Rinnai R75 LSi, date May 2008, installed new in 2008. I had a code 11 on it a few years back, cracked it open, and found the fan full of stink bugs. Cleaned it, and it fixed things up. Now I periodically clean the fan. A few weeks ago, one of my 6 year olds decided the exhaust needed...
  13. turbosonly

    RU199i vs RU98iN

    The old gas tank heater gave out so I decided to go with a Rinnai tankless. I ordered the RU98iN because I am doing a self install, but the distributor sent me the RU199i instead. I read somewhere that the RU199i had to be installed by a licensed plumber. Can anyone confirm that? One specific...
  14. Niccio

    Concentric venting for tankless water heater

    Hello, I've got a question I'm hoping someone with more experience in tankless heaters can help with. I'm doing an install of a Takagi 310c series heater. It calls for concentric vent pipe made by a certain manufacturer. Has anybody used pipe from a different manufacturer? It looks like the only...
  15. GDunk

    IBC, Takagi or Rinnai?

    In getting quotes I'm getting different recommendations. IBC has been the most recommended. Any feedback? We have a 1800 sq ft house, two full baths and live in Vermont. Is Takagi really sized for heating? We have one for on-demand hot water and it's served us well.
  16. Ed Dooley

    Wiring Grundfos single zone relay, pump, and Rinnai E50C boiler

    Finally found the time to finish the boiler installation, and I'm having a brain freeze. I have some of the wiring done, but the installation instructions that comes with the relay (and to a lesser extent, the boiler) leave a lot to be desired for an amateur. It's a single-zone system with one...
  17. Santa Fe

    Converting Rinnai RU80ip to Natural Gas

    I have a RU80IP water heater that has never been used, but my gas is changing from Propane to NG. Rinnai gave me the part number for the conversion kit (103000028) and told me to get it online. Neither one carries this. A general google search came up empty. Any ideas on where to look for...
  18. Sandra Hancock

    Rinnai v65e--How to Wire??

    We got the gas hooked up and we were told to turn on the electrical, we could hook the wires that are designed to go to the remote to a plug, which is what we did. Now, we want to wire it permanently, including a shut-off switch. It has some EZ connect plugs, and I just found online that these...
  19. Brian Dix

    Tankless water heater on a well

    I have a manufactured home on a well system with storage tanks underneath. Currently I am running a 1/2hp Wayne pump with a CSV set st 40psi. I am looking at a rinnai tankless with PVC venting but the manual states that it needs 60-80psi for optimal performance and 50psi minimum. Would it even...
  20. Adam Farrow

    Radiant floor with tankless Combi boiler on wood stove

    Before I start calling plumbers I want to know if this is possible and what I need to see if I'm choosing the correct installer. I want a radiant floor heat powered by a wood stove and tankless combiboiler when wood fire dies I want the tankless to pick up the demand. The tankless will be used...
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