1. Rocknroj

    Help Identify this shower valve

    I have the wall open and am looking at the back of this thing. Not sure what kind of valve body this is nor have I seen the type of connection. Some plastic with a crimp attached to a sweated in stub. The thing is flopping around. It has a single lever that when turned on starts hot and the...
  2. Jtreegs

    Moen(?) Valve

    House was built in the 90s and I believe this is original. Handle that was removed was Moen but this valve has no markings. Assuming its Moen but doesn't look like any of the Moen valves I've seen online. Can anyone identify this valve/cartridge?
  3. Oyiwaa

    Moen Posi-Temp Shower Head Dripping

    Hello: I am new here. Thanks very much for an informative forum. My existing shower head is dripping quite a bit. The drip-drip-drip gets so noicy that I have to place the entire shower head in a bucket (see image gallery) just to be able to cope. And the bucket fills up quickly too. I have...
  4. Terry

    Adding a shower to a 1907 home in Hoquiam, WA for my brother Clare

    My last project was gutting a half bath and turning it into a 3/4 bath with shower for my brother Clare so that he can skip the stairs to the 2nd floor bathroom which is tough to access since the stroke that put him in a wheelchair. The stroke was in November and his daughter has been kind...
  5. DEDon

    Moen Positemp single handle shower cartridges - waste of money

    I'm retired, and have a good aptitude for repairing things around the house but, Enough IS Enough. Yeah, I'm a bit frustrated- having to deal with this shower valve, AGAIN. I've decided to do what I should have done, years ago- post a question about a troublesome shower valve/cartridge...
  6. Terry

    Moen Darcy tub shower valve

    This Moen Darcy with Posi-Temp replaced a non-working Aquasource in an old Seattle rental. Thankfully I had access to the back to change out the valves.
  7. Samfran

    Standard Moen Valve/trim kit to Posi-Temp Moen valve/trim kit

    I just bought a house built in 1990. All three bathrooms have Moen standard trim kits (escutcheon screws at 5:00 and 7:00). All are leaking at one point or another (shower head, spout, etc). As a rookie, I bought some Moen combo kits that include tub spout, shower head, posi-temp...
  8. Terry

    Delta 600 shower valve replacement

    How many times does a homeowner do this to a Delta 600 when they try to remove the bonnet? If a person isn't careful, you can twist the three soft copper tubes to the body of the faucet. My fix is to cut out the old Delta 600 and install a new valve body. Moen makes an easy replacement...
  9. Terry

    No water to Moen shower head

    No water to newly installed Moen Posi-Temp shower head. This has never happened before. So I'm thinking bad cartridge? I run down the hill and pick up a 1222 cartridge for the Posi-Temp and no luck with it. Absolutly nothing comes out of the shower head. The next day I swing by my supplier and...
  10. Terry

    Installing new Mediterranean Bronze trim for Moen Posi-Temp

    Installing new Mediterranean Bronze trim for Moen Posi-Temp to replace the old chrome fixtures. The first thing I did was to remove the old chrome trim and toss it out the window. Hit a dog running by and it yelped, so then someone poked their head in and asked what's up? Nothin! I'm just...
  11. Terry

    Demo a cast iron tub with a sledge hammer.

    I've mentioned using a sledge hammer on a cast iron tub before. I even have some nice pictures of that. Here is a recent demo job I did on a cast iron tub. Always cover the tub before hitting it. I use bisqueen, or some other plastic sheeting to contain the slivers of glass that come off the...
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