Moen Positemp single handle shower cartridges - waste of money

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I'm retired, and have a good aptitude for repairing things around the house but, Enough IS Enough. Yeah, I'm a bit frustrated- having to deal with this shower valve, AGAIN.
I've decided to do what I should have done, years ago- post a question about a troublesome shower valve/cartridge replacement and solicit suggestions.

House built in 1993 and my purchase was in 2004.


I've changed the Moen Posi-temp single lever valve cartridge at least four times...maybe, five, over the last 14 years!
I have Artesian Water which covers south-easter PA and Northern Delaware. The water is NOT "hard". Rarely (once or twice in 15 years) have I noticed small bits of white calcium sediment in kitchen valves. There is not water treatment system on the house.

These cartridge replacements seem to become "dry", over a three year period (aprox)time, in the cartridge areas where they are lubricated from the factory or where I have used the silicone lube that comes with the cartridge prior to installation. This "dryness" isn't noticed until I turn on the show and feel the handle (the old style moen clear plastic) crack and break while turning on the shower.

I really wish I had a suggestion to facilitate this unit lasting longer than it does.
1}What's the deal?
2}Is this planned obsolescence?
3}Is there a top quality replacement that will give me year of trouble free service before replacement is necessary?
4} Is there something that instruction videos and package instructions aren't telling me....something "extra" that I need to include in the cartridge-replacement procedure?

I don't believe that I have a problem with replacement procedure. I THINK these issues have to do more with the quality (or lack, thereof) of the replacement cartridges but, I'm trying to get other opinions.

These used to be in the high $20s'; then, low-to-mid $30s; and now, they go for even more. If I thought that I would get more years of service out of a higher-priced one, I'd consider this:

But, I'm not convinced that this wouldn't disintegrate.
Thank you.
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