1. T

    Pipe from gas boiler making loud noise (link to sound)

    Hi, I have gas baseboard hot water heat with two taco zone valves. One zone in particular makes a loud knocking noise whenever the thermostat calls for heat. The noise is coming from the first part of the zone right where the zone valve is. I've been in the house for one full winter and I've...
  2. ToiletChallenged

    Wall hung toilets and noise

    Hello - does anyone have experience to share regarding the relative noise level of wall hung toilets vs. traditional floor mounted toilets AND and differences between manufacturers and models of wall hung toilets? Thank you very much
  3. Bcunning

    Toilet noise after water shut off

    Another day another mystery toilet sound haha. I'm hearing a soft hissing noise so I checked the usual culprits:flapper, overflow and they seem fine. Didn't seem like water was moving anywhere in the toilet so I turned water off to the toilet and emptied it.... Still hearing that sound! Is it...
  4. Seaspray

    Sump pump discharge pipe noise driving us insane - any fixes?

    Hello and thank you for any tips you may have! Basement Systems just installed an interior perimeter drain and sump pump. They installed the discharge line immediately underneath our bed’s headboard, under the bedroom window. The noise of the sump and the water rushing through the pipes we can...
  5. Modernwood

    Can you identify Loud Dishwasher drain noise from airgap?

    When my dishwasher drains, there is a loud dishwasher drain noise. It's a gurgling sound emanating mostly from the airgap. The dishwasher drains to the airgap, which drains to a junction at the top of the disposal. Here's a YouTube link to the offending sound. At the end, I cover it to show...
  6. Gmoney924

    Lennox Furance Odd Noise

    I am chasing an elusive noise from my Lennox Furance. I have had service people out but they can't recreate the sound after countless attempts. I am never one to start swaping parts to see IF this works.... So here is the description - Thermostat calls for heat Inducer blower starts up and...
  7. JohnnoAndy

    Shower and tub buzzing sound

    Hi folks, my first post... Thanks for having me! I recently purchased a new house and both my shower and tub on the top floor are making a strange buzzing sound that comes and goes when water is running. It's only on cold to middle, not on hot. It's an american standard faucet, and I've...
  8. Karen F.

    High-pitched noise from water heater

    My American electric hot water heater (with expansion tank) makes a high-pitched noise when outside spigots are only partially open. This happens with the dishwasher also as I guess there's restricted flow there as well. I've flushed the tank which didn't help and checked the tpr valve which...
  9. Johnnyh55

    How to enlarge hole around ABS pipe in floor joist?

    I just moved into my first home and was hearing loud cracking noises and I didn't know where it was coming from, I have now traced it to the ABS drain pipe running in the basement ceiling in the floor joists expanding and contracting when we use the hot water. It's a 2 inch ABS drain pipe and I...
  10. JenL

    Loud banging noise inside pressure tank & size (gallons)needed for 4 people

    Our current water pressure tank makes a loud noise about a minute after a water source is turned off. It is inside the actual tank and not the pipes, etc. Does this indicate a defective bladder? Second problem: I cannot find any information online about the gallon size tank needed for a...
  11. Davie

    Expansion noise prevention running PEX through joists

    Hi all, I'm wondering what precautions to take when running PEX through joists to prevent expansion noises. Is just running it through a clearance hole good enough? Should it go through some sort of hanger/bushing? How many 1/2" or 5/8" pipes would you put through one clearance hole? I was...
  12. mcbklyn

    Navien make whistling noise and sends propane in exhauset

    Hi, I am homeowner trying to troubleshoot a problem with my heater. I have Navien NCB-240E installed 1 1/2 yrs ago (manufactured 2016) on propane. I have 500gl outside propane tank with 2 regulators (on the tank and on the house). A month ago after refill my Navien started to make short (1-3sec)...
  13. Derek Wetzel

    Noise related to expansion of copper in Radiant / Hydronic / Baseboard heating

    Hi, I'm curious if there are any experiences/insight beyond standard troubleshooting for this issue. The most practical resolutions i've seen so far are to straighten the fins (which i've done) and to ensure the return pipe is not resting on any metal hooks which could create noise... I do not...
  14. Michael Keelan

    What in the world is this sound?

    Video not available. Sorry. This was captured by a camera I set up pointed at the water heater. It wakes people in my house at 6 AM or thereabouts nearly every day even though no one is using water or even up. It happens even if no heat/AC is on. The gas company and city (sewer) can find...
  15. Jenn398726

    Loud Rumble from Well?

    Every now and again (maybe once a month?) I hear a loud strong rumble that shakes the house a little. I even felt it while sitting out in my backyard once. Felt like a little earthquake! Not sure what it is or how to begin diagnosing it. Any ideas? We are on a well. Thanks!
  16. Snarf

    New Water Heater Noise

    I had a new electric 50 gallon water heater (Bradford White RE350T6) installed a few months ago. It makes a "refilling" noise for about 2-3 minutes after anytime hot water is used. This can be heard near any plumbing location throughout the house. The water heater itself is in the basement...
  17. Heffman92

    Croaking animal type sound coming from water heater

    I'm not sure if this is for sure coming from the hot water heater as I can't pinpoint where it's directly coming from, but I've isolated it to the area of the water heater and seems to be coming from underneath in a pipe or somewhere I can't shine a flashlight into. But the noise as best as I...
  18. WS

    Video of chugging in my pipes caused by flushing Toto Drake toilet, can anyone help?

    Here's a video I made of the chugging in my pipes after I flush my Toto Drake ST743S toilet and the tank fills. I've replaced the flapper and the flush valve (as suggested on another thread on this site), but it hasn't fixed it. Here's the video, watch the whole thing a little over 3 minutes...
  19. Kelly GL

    Low pitched hum in pipes going outside

    Hi there! I'm having a strange issue with my copper water piping in our cellar. We are on a well, so the water comes in and is split, with one side going to our filtration/softening system for inside water and the other side going to the outside faucet and irrigation system. The side going...
  20. SC_plumber

    Drinking fountain whining sound

    I recently changed the water filter in line with the drinking fountain and it now makes a loud whistling/whining sound, at relatively low frequency. The sound will persist as long as the drinking fountain is flowing. Fountain: The drinking fountain was part of a Whirlpool WHER25 RO filter...
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