cpvc pipe

  1. David Prickett

    CPVC pipe to Hose bib temporary plug

    My house hose bib busted off 1/2" CPVC. (I not that great at DIY but I need to save from being gouged). The pipe broke where there's a fitting over it. So, I can't just glue on a cap. It's bigger than 1/2 and less than the next size up. Is there any easy plug out there that will hold for a...
  2. Pacifi

    What went wrong here?

    Help please!! Found a leak in the water supply pipe joint (cpvc to copper), leaking into the interior of wall behind the shower panel. Please see video of leaking joint here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RtvFQoFV0uG6X5tSGsVSaXjCxsGcshRi I should add the leak has been stopped. But I am...
  3. Alexandra Untied

    Plumbing Pipes

    Hi everyone! I am a senior Managerial Marketing student at Kent State University. For my senior project, I am collecting insight from plumbers like you on plumbing pipes. I will then analyze these results and present a solution and marketing campaign based on your feedback. If you could please...
  4. Wade D

    Replacing leaky shut offs that need to be used daily

    I have the need to be able to turn my sink shut offs on and off nightly as my mother with dementia is now living with us and most mornings lately, I find she has left a sink running hot water down the drain for who knows how long. Nothing has overflowed, so no damage other than to my water and...
  5. Tintin

    CPVC Connection to the T&P Valve

    I live in Portland and CPVC is fine to use for the T&P valve drain pipe. What is the best connector to get to go from CPVC to the valve on my electric water heater? Thank you!
  6. parrotheadrob

    Extend hose spigot

    I have a second story deck and a hose bib located at the walkout basement level. I wanted to add a line that extends vertically to the deck. I found a few fittings that will connect the wye on the spigot. I was going to use cpvc to run the line and insert a valve at the bottom that i could...
  7. Bruce A. Johnson

    Freezing problem - Heat tape on PEX & CPVC pipe?

    Will pipe heating cable (AKA heat tape), be useful & safe on CPVC or PEX water pipes? I need to combat temperatures down to -40. (Canada, eh?) Also, is it useful & safe to use heat tape on large diameter PVC sewer line? The instructions say to never use it on anything other than water lines...
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