copper pipe

  1. Diwhoops

    Compression sleeve removal shrank copper pipe, new compression fittings slide off

    tl;dr: Removal of an over-compressed ferrule seems to have deformed copper pipe to a smaller size such that a new compression fitting slides right off, even when tightened down. A temporary Sharkbite cap is holding and not leaking. Can I just put a Sharkbite angle stop on and be done, should I...
  2. Eclecticmn

    How to prepare cut copper pipe for sharkbite fitting?

    I want to use a 1 inch sharkbite elbow to receive a 1 inch copper pipe coming down from a hot water cast iron radiator. I want to do this because the floor linoleum is crappy and will need to be replaced. I want to make it easier to move the radiator out of the way. I got a better tube cutter...
  3. BenRVT

    Joining Copper pipe PVC/CPVC

    Today I saw a 1.25 inch (inner diameter) FPT X FPT PVC coupling joining two sections of copper pipe. I know typically if your going to join copper and PVC (with threads) you should use male PVC and female copper. I've never seed one PVC coupling joining to copper pipes. Is this allowed, or is...
  4. david_c

    Adding Shower to bathroom, l/f layout advice

    Hello, I'm moving my toilet in my main floor half bath to make room for a shower in my first ever renovation. I'm looking for advice on if I've got the plumbing configuration correct (I live in Ontario, but wanting to make sure the basic plumbing choices I've made are sound before I ask for my...
  5. stalion529

    Help!! New Water Heater Gas and Water Pipes not aligned

    Hi, I am replaced a 22-year old 75 Gallon AO Smith Water Heater. The Gas black iron pipe currently would end up coming too low and the hot and cold copper pipes are too narrow. 1) For the Gas pipe, my union is on the horizontal after the elbow with sediment trap, if i want to continue with...
  6. Leak2017

    Leaking Tub/Shower Drain

    Hello All - My skills are it the DIY level, need advice. I'll try to be brief. Shower drain clogged and I used plunger to clear, worked great. Next, I noticed ceiling downstairs wet after anyone took shower, Opened ceiling and found that shower drain had female threadded connector, but...
  7. Yovav

    Slow copper pipe leak from under the concrete slab

    Few years ago, a car touched the loop going from right to left in picture one, we had home warranty fix it, but now after 2 years it started leaking, So, the main connection at the bottom gets wet. A guy came in to check it out says its probably from under the main connection that goes into...
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