How to prepare cut copper pipe for sharkbite fitting?

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Homeowner with hot water cast iron radiators
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Minneapolis MN
I want to use a 1 inch sharkbite elbow to receive a 1 inch copper pipe coming down from a hot water cast iron radiator. I want to do this because the floor linoleum is crappy and will need to be replaced. I want to make it easier to move the radiator out of the way.

I got a better tube cutter with a cutting wheel. I know that I have to de-burr the cut end especially for sharkbite fittings so as to not damage the O rings inside the fittings. That removes any small jagged copper pieces.

I notice that the cut end of the copper has a ridge formed that extends inside the pipe. Should I try to get rid of that to have a smooth cut end? What is the best way? Would using a hack saw to cut be better than the tubing cutter?

John Gayewski

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They make an i.d./o.d. reamer that's a great tool. Otherwise just sand it after you debur. Concentrate on the ridge. But generally even these steps aren't needed. We only use sharkbite fittings for temporary situations like testing.

I just fixed a leaking sharkbite last week.
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